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We thought it would be fun - and probably insufferably cute - if each of the contributors to this site was represented using one of the characters in Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men and Little Miss books. (Pab has fond memories of the '70s Arthur Lowe-narrated animations.) The idea came from the fact that we'd written a revision of the Little Miss Naughty story, in which slightly more than nose-tweaking is involved. You'll find links below to the original books at They're also available in all good bookshops - and quite a lot of the bad ones too.

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Mr ImpossiblePablo: Mr Impossible

No, Pablo isn't really small and purple, with a tall hat and an idiot grin. Even though he does achieve the impossible once in a very blue moon, Pablo is represented on these pages by the violet varmint because Mija is of course Little Miss Naughty, and their paths cross most appositely in this story of ours, which is a shameless perversion of the Roger Hargreaves original. For a less crypto-spanko tale, try the original story of Mr Impossible.

Little Miss NaughtyMija: Little Miss Naughty

If you need an explanation of why Mija is Little Miss Naughty, you clearly haven't been paying much attention to the rest of the site. She just is, okay. You catch her here in the middle of some terrible mischief, probably taken from a story we sorta kinda wrote in which she gets her long-overdue comeuppance. See how Roger Hargreaves deals with the naughty miss in his original story of Little Miss Naughty.

Little Miss SunshineMollyB: Little Miss Sunshine

Molly is a very good friend of ours, with whom we've spent cool time both in Britain and in the US, notably a great trip to San Francisco. She's also the co-creator of Spank'bble. We both thought that Little Miss Sunshine was just right for Molly, and also loved the idea that it would embarrass the heck out of her. We think Molly is way kewl. Our only concern is her burgeoning Twiglets fetish. We're proud to host a collection of Molly's Jamie and Alan stories here. Check out the original story of Little Miss Sunshine, too.

Little Miss SplendidRandi: Little Miss Splendid

Randi isn't quite so snooty as this picture makes her look, but more than one person has noted how close the resemblance otherwise is - which she'll kill us for saying, but what the heck. We had a wonderful time with Randi a while ago, and whine almost continually at how far she lives from us both. Randi's own web-site is great, and deserves your undivided attention right this minute. If you want to find out just how splendid splendid can be, here's the original story of Little Miss Splendid.

Little Miss SomersaultTasha: Little Miss Somersault

Tasha Geller isn't exactly like our picture here. She's not nearly so blue (except when she's been outside too long) and her hair is a bit darker. In the fall of 1999 we visited Tasha and her daddy, Mr. Geller, and Mija wrote an account of her Sleepover. Among other things, Tasha is a great writer, and very sweetly wrote a funfunfun story about her misadventures with Mija in Las Vegas. Tasha and Mija also find trouble in Mija's story, Swinging, or maybe trouble finds them - it's hard to tell sometimes. Here's the original story of Little Miss Somersault.

Mr GrumpyKent: Mr Grumpy

Kent isn't really this grumpy (nor is he quite this square). Ideally, we'd have represented him here as Eeyore, with whom he has an almost eerie (Eeyorie?) kinship, but the theme we're using is the Mr Men and Little Misses, not Pooh, so our hands are tied. Kent writes really sweet and funny stories, some of which can be found at Laura's Spanking Corner, and one of which, Spankers' Disability Insurance, we're lucky enough to be featured in. Here's the original story of Mr Grumpy. He's not at all like Kent. Kent just pretends to be grumpy.

Little Miss StubbornPeg: Little Miss Stubborn

Peg definitely is stubborn, and we love her for it. She was the first person Mija wrote to (even gave her the name "Mija") and has been a wonderful friend to both of us over the last few years. Given how few stories she writes, the fact she's let us include this one at the site is all the nicer! Here's the original story of Little Miss Stubborn.

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