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September 7, 2011


May 11, 2006

  • Added Regeneration, a new kinda-sorta fan-fic story by Pablo.


May 26, 2005


December 4, 2004


October 7, 2004


March 5, 2004

Not a content change, but if you're using a browser that supports them, you should see that the Treehouse now has a 'favicon' in the address bar and/or the bookmarks list.


March 2, 2004

Just two new stories, but you didn't have to wait too long for them!


January 5, 2004

Yikes! Has it been almost a year?


February 13, 2003

Not a big update, but barely a month since the last one!


January 3, 2003

We continue to update the Treehouse regularly. Unfortunately, it's regularly each six months or so, which is way too infrequently. Still, there's lots of new stuff this time. Enjoy!


June 12, 2002

Another way-too-long-overdue update. There isn't too much here, but we'll have another update soon. We did redesign the main page a little - it was getting a bit cluttered.


November 20, 2001

All sorts of complications connected with moving the Treehouse to a different web-host, and also moving the domain name to a different registry, have kept us offline for a while, but we're back to stay. You should notice some redesign of the site, and also:


July 10, 2001

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. (Yes, we know the counter's been down. Our web-host very helpfully moved the site to a different server, which doesn't support the way the counter worked. Anyway, it should be back up now.)


February 28, 2001

The first update of the new millennium. We recently passed 60000 on our home-page counter. Thanks to everyone who's come and looked around. It's good of you to leave your muddy boots at the bottom of the rope-ladder, too!


December 22, 2000

The last update of the year!


December 12, 2000

A seasonal update. There's more coming soon, but we wanted to get the decorations up on the tree as soon as we could.

  • We decorated the tree and treehouse for Christmas!

  • We've taken ourselves out of the Unofficial SSS webring, for the time being. Don't ask, it's a long story.


October 1, 2000

Another small update. But we made the first of the month this time!


August 16, 2000

A very small update this time. Just putting the stuff from Mija's birthday on the site proper.

  • Made much of the text on the main pages a little larger. It was getting a little small and hard to read.

  • Added Pablo's story, The Schoolgirl and the Pirate, to the section for stories about us, and Randi's story, The Birthday, to the section for guest authors. Both of these stories were written for Mija's virtual birthday party, which was held in the treehouse for a couple of weeks from July 28.


July 28, 2000

Mija's birthday! (What? You missed it?!) Well, anyway, we held a little virtual birthday party in the treehouse, with all sorts of kewl stuff. Randi and Pablo wrote stories for the party, which can now be found on the stories page (see the August 16 update for links to them).


July 16, 2000

Hmmm. Looking at the date, it seems we didn't make the 1st of June (or even the 1st of July) for this update. But we do have an excuse! Pab's adorable iMac was less than adorable at the beginning of June, when the hard-drive failed in spectacular fashion. It took way too long to get it fixed, but we're up again. Enjoy!


May 3, 2000

We didn't quite make the 1st, but, hey, we're a lot closer than we were last time!


April 16, 2000

Quite a few smaller updates and additions. From now on, we're intending to update on the 1st of each month. Hopefully that should make it easier for you to know when to come back and catch the new stuff.


February 23, 2000

Added a new welcome page, and finally fixed the counter. Yay!


February 20, 2000

Treehouse officially opened! Counter still not working. Booo!

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