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From time to time, we make cameo appearances in stories written by other people too, which is great, 'cause we get all the attention without having to do any of that hard work actually writing stuff.

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The Birthday (July 2000)
by Randi
P: A Mr Man and Little Miss visual extravaganza created by Randi for Mija's birthday. It's really the perfect addition to the Hargreaves canon, but the publishers probably won't be writing to her anytime soon.
M: What a dazzling present from Randi! It was such a surprise and I couldn't thank her enough - though I think Miss Naughty's little friends should have had to come too! <pout>

Spankers' Disability Insurance (June 2000, SSC)
by Kent
M: A wonderful gift from Kent Stoneking in celebration of the SSC and ASSville. I like this story a lot, but of course it's only fiction. I'm far too good a girl to ever need to be spanked, especially that often.
P: This is a very cute story, which spins real-life information about us into a very funny fiction. Oh, and before you ask - because I can just sense the concern out there - the blood blister on my right hand is much better now, thank you.


A Dream Fulfilled (March 1998)
by Peg
M: A story written before a weekend with Peg, who's always been both friend and mom. It's sweet and warm and lovely. Just like Peg!

Brats Wild, Bottoms High (October 1997)
by Tasha
M: The first of hopefully many adventures of Tasha and Mija. Pablo and Mr. Geller had better look out! I was totally touched by Tasha writing such a sweet story about the pair of us and the care she took beforehand to make sure she understood Pab and my relationship so she could write about us in a way that was really about us. :)
P: Tasha is just about the best writer we know. So it was a real honour and delight to have her include us in this Vegas escapade.

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Stories by MollyB

Take Good Care of Yourself (February 1998)
M: This story is fun to read, partly because every time I do I think of my first few e-mails with the lovely MollyB. :) If you like the Pablo/Mija stories above, you'll like these too. And even if you don't like those above, you may like this because Molly is way cute and a great writer to boot! It's historic 'cause it's Molly's very first spanking story!

Deep Water (March 1998)
M: Deep Water is a scary story because Jamie - who we really like - does something dangerous (not 'cause anything bad could have happened to her in the water but 'cause something terrible happens when she gets out!). Proving that Jamie is very nice and oppressed and Alan is way UN-kewl. But she seems to love him.

Jamie and Alan Play the Marx Brothers (March 1998)
M: Okay, when I first read this I suspected that Kent Stoneking had had a hand in it - it's that full of groaning puns. If you don't think spanking is a laughing matter you won't like this story. (Or really this site, so what are you doing here anyway?)



Jamie and Alan: the Slightly Plaid Chapter (April 1998)
M: Jamie's been up too late working on her assignments for years and it's all about to catch up with her! This is a story sure to have procrastinators squirming. (Stop lookin' at me! I never did nothing!)

No Sabbatical from Spanking (July 2000)
M: When MollyB told me she was working on a new story and it had more with Jamie's uniform, I had no idea what to expect. This Jamie and Alan story is full of guilt and sweetness with just the right dash of ageplay spice. Jamie is way sweet and I want to have lunch with her. But Alan is still a meanie!

Reach Out and Touch Someone (November 2000)
M: I love Molly's stories, but I don't like this one! It's too embarrassing and the self-spanking theme too close to Pablo and my long-distance stuff for comfort. Though of course, I've never lied to Pablo about spanking myself. Really! Don't look at me like that. I'm telling the truth, honest! Would I lie?

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