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Anyone with any knowledge of my domestic skills will vouch for this being a work of fiction. Though of course the location is real. :)

For MollyB, who thought Domme-Mess-Tech was a great idea. Hugs to ya chica!

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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] Domme-MESS-Tech
By Mija

From the Asssville Crier: "Domme-MESS-Tech Cleans Up Spank City" [New Resident Interview]

My name? Matilda Churchill. Ms Churchill'll do. I'm thirty-ish, married and divorced twice. Being married has a lot to do with why I opened my business in Asssville.

[Ms Churchill laughs. She wears a riding habit and holds a black leather crop in her right hand.]

Rationale? Well, lots of people don't pick up after themselves. Don't want to. They earn a good living and want to hire cleaners. But they feel guilty. That's where I come in. People can hire me and have zero guilt. Yeah, I clean. But I punish them too - they pay me more ways than one.

[Note: Ms Churchill charges 3X the going rate for domestic service.]

I don't count basic cleaning. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping etc. Dirt's just a fact of life. But inconsideration or carelessness is another matter. Examples? Toothpaste or razor stubble in the sink. Clothes, books and papers lying about. And of course toys. I tell people: 'if you don't put your toys away, you're gonna feel 'em.'

[More laughter as she slaps the crop against her boot.]

Right. What I wear is important. During the interview (I won't work for just anyone) the client answers questions. Some cleaning ones - how they like things done. But also ones about dress and implements.

Sometimes I'm a Victorian governess and send my charge/client out for a stout birch. (Though birches are so messy I use them either on the front porch or back garden.) For other clients, I wear leather and heeled boots. You don't believe me?! I can scrub a bathroom tub wearing a leather corset in the middle of August and never break a sweat. I'll happily prove it to you. But it will cost you.

[An evil smile.]

Punishments are individual too. One client gets suspended (she provides the equipment) in the middle of her house, naked, while I'm working. During my breaks I give her 10-20 with a medium flogger. Other clients need corner time and OTK paddling or hairbrushing in their bedrooms. I do it all. And enjoy it.

Of course there are exceptional clients. One young man doesn't expect me to clean - he pays me to make him clean. I really go all out dressing for him 'cause he enjoys very high heels. He gets quirted on his sweet bare bum as he cleans. Yummy!

[A small blush.]

Oh, yes, well . . . There's one other exceptional client. I dress in a French maid costume - frilly knickers and all. After I finish I report in the study things that were exceptionally messy. Then she canes me. What can I say? That works for both of us.

[Ms Churchill's offices are one block off Main St. While she has very few openings for new customers (as you might imagine!) she's hiring additional cleaners. Anyone interested may contact her during business hours.]

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