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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] Playin' House
by Mija

"I didn't mean to! I just forgot!"

"Well I'm your mommy and you deserve a hard spanking, naughty girl!"

Six-year-old Annie looked up, eyes wide. She was pulled over-lap and with her new green shorts pulled down. She was spanked with a hard plastic comb and started to whimper.

"Mommy does not allow you in her make-up!"

The comb landed sharply on Annie's bare thigh.

"OW! It stings! Wait -"

"- I told you girls to be quiet!"

The door swung open and a man stared, startled at the scene before him. Under his gaze Annie climbed off her friend's lap.

"Trisha, I think you'd better go home. It's almost five o'clock."

Trisha gathered up her dolls and scampered out, glad for her release. Annie was left alone with her father, shorts still down.

"Annie, what were you doing?"

"Just - just playing house."

"Getting spanked?"

"I - I - I was the naughty girl."

Annie's father came closer and gently tilted his daughter's chin upward, so she was looking into his eyes.

"You've played this before? Always you getting spanked?"

Annie nodded. The naughty girl always got spanked. And she was always the naughty girl.

As he sat on the edge of her bed, Annie's father pulled her closer, right in front of him. His eyes looked into hers, trying to understand.

"Why do you play at getting spanked, Annie?"

Annie fidgeted.

"I - I don't know. Just feel like it sometimes."

As she looked down, her father pulled her over his lap.

"No-no, wait, Daddy!"

"You feel like a naughty girl sometimes, don't you, Annie?"

He held her, waiting for her answer.

"Ye-es," she finally choked out, crying a little.

His hand came down ten times on her pantied bottom, loud smacks echoing. Her father stopped, his hand resting on her bottom.

"But you didn't tell Trisha something important, did you, Annie?"

Annie squirmed, not understanding.

Without waiting for her answer, he continued as he slid her panties down over her bottom, down her thighs and off.

"In this house, naughty girls get spanked bare bottom."

With that, he began spanking Annie's already pink bottom firmly, in a slow, steady rhythm. Her eyes streamed tears.

"And," he continued, reaching toward her nightstand, "they don't get spanked with combs. Do they?"

He tapped her bottom with her hairbrush. She felt the cool oval and began to kick hard, trying to get up, but his left arm held her firmly.


The hairbrush cracked down six times, painting her bottom dark red. Setting the brush aside he turned her over and hugged her to his chest, feeling her tears wet the front of his shirt. He rocked her gently for a few minutes, finally tilting her face toward his.

"Don't ever forget, Annie. When you feel like a naughty girl, Daddy will always be the one who spanks you."

Annie hugged herself closer to him, his words making her shiver.

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