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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] Playing Mysty For Me
by Mija

::slamming sounds::

"It's gone!"

"What's gone?"

"My book! The new book I've just written! It was in my study and now it's gone!"

"How could it be gone, Atrus? Didn't you lock your study?"

"I did! Someone must have linked in somehow and stolen it."

"'Someone' again, eh? Wasn't it you that accused our sons of just this sort of act? Are you saying it was them again?"

"No, I mean, it could be. But I know they're away right now. It was probably someone else. We must summon someone who can search for it at once."

"Someone like the guest we invited to tea? I keep telling you, Atrus, sending guests off to solve your problems and return your lost books is playing havoc with our social life."

"But, Catherine dear, my book, lives depend on it --"

"This book?"

"You had it??"

"This book is so valuable, lives depend upon it, so it would be very irresponsible for someone to leave it on a chair in the garden, my dear husband?"

"Oh stars above, I never thought --"

"That much is quite clear, my love. I think you're painfully overdue a reminder about responsibility.

"But Cath -- I mean, Mistress, our guest --"

"Can watch, as it was them you planned to send off on your wild goose chase."

::Catherine takes a hairbrush from her apron, sits on a nearby garden bench and beckons to an embarrassed-looking Atrus::

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I wonder how Atrus will record these events in his journal?

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