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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Canyon (part 1/2)
by Mija

Alyssa let out a loud sigh full of eleven-year-old world-weariness.

"I'm soooo bored," she whined. "There's nothing at all to do around here."

"We could go to the store," ventured her best friend, Dana.

"I don't have any more money," sulked Alyssa. "And we already took back all the bottles."

"We could go swimming."

"Just like every day for the past three weeks. Can't we hang out at your house?" Dana's mom worked, unlike Alyssa's, so the house was a kewl place to play much of the time.

"Ericka's boyfriend is there." That was all she needed to say. Ericka was Dana's sixteen-year-old sister and the girls knew from hard experience not to cross her.

"How 'bout the canyon?"

Dana's last suggestion was met by expectant silence. No need to mention that it wasn't allowed. Every kid in the neighbourhood knew that. The canyon was full of sage brush and rattlesnakes and steep washed-out paths that slid straight to the bottom. It had been used as a naval test site and was full of old shells and abandoned rusty metal pieces. Even the most liberal parents didn't let their kids go down there to play. Which of course explains why all of them did.

"What about my mom?" Alyssa looked down, remembering the spanking she'd got the previous month when she'd been caught going in the canyon. Her dad had taken her over his knee, pulled down her jeans and panties and paddled her bare bottom until it was bright red and she was sobbing across his lap.

Plus she'd had to go to bed at 7 p.m., just like she was a baby.

"Tell her you're going to my house. We'll go from there. C'mon, we can look for shell fossils. We won't get caught!"

Alyssa thought about it a moment, weighing the fear of getting caught with her desire to prowl their suburban wild space. Dana didn't get spanked, so Alyssa was uncomfortable about explaining her fears.

"You can be Laura." Dana knew she had Alyssa with this final offer. She and her best friend had been addicted to the 'Little House' books since they were seven. Dana was offering the best role without any argument.

"Okay, let's do it!" Alyssa felt a thrill at the promise of the forbidden. She got up to run in the house and tell her mom she was heading to Dana's.

Alyssa's little sister, Sara, sat quietly watching the older girls. At eight, she was pretty clear that she'd be left behind without a certain amount of intervention. So when the girls rose to go, she stood too.

"I'm coming too."

"Yeah, right, who says?" answered her sister.


"Like you get to say?"

"I'm going or I'm teeeeelling!"

Sara looked from one girl to the other with a feeling of pride. She had them. They had to let her come or abandon the trip. Dana and Alyssa gave each other a look of surrender.

"Okay, but if you ever tell . . ."

Alyssa let the threat hang in the air, reclaiming her 'oldest and in-charge' position. Sara didn't care. She was just happy to be going along at all.

Alyssa ran off and told her mom the girls were going to Dana's and not to worry, they'd be home by dinner. Her mom nodded and said:

"Be good."

Alyssa pounded back to her friend and sister, waiting on the sidewalk.

"All right! We're set! Let's go!

The girls headed to Dana's house, packed some water and provisions, which included a kitchen knife and a bottle of water, and headed for the canyon.

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The canyon was a kewl place, and time passed really really fast. The girls found shotgun shells and smooth quartz rocks.

"We should head back."

Something had pricked the skin in the back of Alyssa's neck. Something that told her it was time to return home, a feeling of something being not quite right.

"We have at least an hour." Dana headed off as though taking a new canyon path.

"Please, Dana, I'm - I'm worried my mom maybe called your house."

"You're such a baby." The heat and dust were making the friends cranky.

Sara looked back and forth between the two and picked a burr out of her sock.

"I wanna go back too," she said suddenly, siding with her sister. "And that makes it two against one."

Dana opened and closed her mouth, sighed dramatically, then headed up the loose path toward the houses, the other two girls following her. Suddenly Dana stopped.

"C'mon," whined Alyssa. "Just go already."

"Shh! I think I hear your -"

"Alyyyyyssa! Saaaara! Answer me!"

"Omigod - it's my mom!"

The three girls froze, just at the rim of the trail. If Sara and Alyssa's mom didn't come to the edge, she wouldn't see them. But of course she did come.

"Alyssa! Sara! You get over here right now!"

The girls hurried over as slowly as possible. Alyssa gulped as she noticed the ruler in her mother's hand. It was her mom's hard-wood teaching ruler, eighteen inches long and an inch and a half wide. Sara and Alyssa's mom rarely spanked the girls, saving that chore for their father. But this was looking more like an exception.

Sara was the first to get within arms' way. Her mom didn't waste a second, but grabbed Sara's arm and started smacking her jean-clad bottom and legs as the eight-year-old danced around her in a circle.

"How WHACK many WHACK times WHACK have SMACK you WHACK been SMACK warned WHACK-SMACK about WHACK that SMACK canyon CRACK??"

"Ow! Moooommmy! Wasn't my fault! Alyssa made me go!"

"No, wait, Mom! Dana can tell you!" Alyssa started her protests of innocence as her mother grasped her shoulder and began leading her home, hurrying her with a series of hard smacks to the seat of her shorts.

Alyssa flushed and tried not to cry out as she realised the whole neighbourhood was witnessing her being swatted and smacked on her bottom as though she were a naughty five-year-old being led home, rather than a grown-up eleven.

"Pleease, ow! Mom! I'm sorry!"

"You're going to be a lot sorrier when your father hears about this." Her mother pronounced that sentence as she landed a last flurry of ruler smacks to Alyssa's stinging seat as they stood on the porch outside the back door. Their mother then pulled both girls inside the door then slammed it. Alyssa felt a momentary relief at the privacy, then heart-thudding fear as her mother took hold of her sister, yanked down the girl's jeans and panties, sat down in a kitchen chair and pulled her over her lap.

Sara started to struggle and kick, her ankles bound by her bunched-up jeans and panties. The ruler came down hard, painting her bottom red as Sara yelled then cried. When the child was sobbing and had stopped protesting, her mother stopped and set her on her feet. Alyssa expected her to get a hug, that was the way things worked in their house. Instead, her mom stripped off her filthy jeans, shoes, socks and finally T-shirt, and threw the dirty clothes into the washer.

"Sara, you march right upstairs to my bathroom and stand in the corner until we get there. Alyssa, come here."

Alyssa watched as her naked and crying younger sister ran out of the room rubbing her bright red bottom.

"Don't make me come get you. You come here."

Alyssa came over slowly, her hands over her bottom, feeling the earlier stings of the ruler smacks. Her mother didn't speak, but leaned over to grasp her daughter's foot and removed one shoe and sock, then took the other. Alyssa responded with irritation as she realised she was being undressed.

"Mommm!! Sheesh! Stop it! I can undress myself!"

With those words, Alyssa started to struggle, only to find her mother tugging down then off both her shorts and panties and finally pulling her by the ear across her lap. The ruler began spanking a new lesson into her protesting bottom.

"I don't want to hear another word out of you, young lady. Is that clear? We trusted you to do as you promised." SMACK! "Now you'll find out the consequences of disappointing and hurting us." SMACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Despite biting her lip and focusing on the fact she was too grown-up to get spanked, Alyssa quickly started to whimper then cry as the spanking continued. When her mother let her up, Alyssa began the rubbing and dancing hop of a spanked little girl, far less concerned about her mother pulling off her shirt, and standing naked in the kitchen, than with the sting of her red bottom.

After depositing Alyssa's clothes in the washer, her mother grasped her by her upper arm and led her upstairs, hurrying her with a few smacks to the girl's tender bottom. Before she had even recovered from her spanking, Alyssa found herself standing naked, nose in the corner next to her still-sniffling sister. Behind her she heard her mother turning on the taps to run a bath in her parents' huge master tub. Despite being larger than the average child's pool, taking a bath in their parents' three-foot-deep tub was not a treat. It usually signalled a serious washing and scrubbing, like on the Saturday before Easter. Alyssa hadn't had to be washed by her mom since she was nine.

"Don't either of you move."

Alyssa squeezed her eyes shut and heard her mom slamming open and closed drawers in their rooms. She reached down to touch Sara, only to find Sara glaring at her. Alyssa flushed, aware suddenly she was responsible for her younger sister being in trouble. Still, both girls had already been spanked -

Their mother came back and turned off the taps. She took hold of Sara, and led her into the tub. The girl started crying again and stepped into the bath, standing in the nearly waist-deep water.

"Ow! Mommi-e-e-e noo! It's too hot!"

SMACK! "It isn't. I tested it a minute ago. Now you just stand still!"

Sara was lathered and washed with a cloth, her nails scrubbed with the nail brush. Finally her hair was washed and rinsed clean and she was lifted from the tub, towelled dry and dressed in her clean pyjamas.

It was only then her mother began the lecture.

"Sara, you're old enough now to know right from wrong, even if the other kids are doing bad things. You knew you weren't supposed to go in that canyon, didn't you?"

There was a long pause as Sara slowly nodded.

"Yes, Mommy."

"And you're going to be punished for being a naughty girl. Come on."

Alyssa was left in the corner as her little sister was led from the room, already crying. She felt bare and dirty and alone. But also curious about the spanking her sister was to get. Heart thudding, she left the bathroom and padded through her parents' room, down the hall to the partly-opened door outside her sister's. As she peeked in, she saw her mom sitting on the bed, tugging her sister's PJs to the girl's knees. One quick motion and Sara was bent across her mother's knees, getting hand-spanked on her little bottom. As Alyssa watched, the spanking seemed to go on and on, the older girl counting fifty hard smacks. Then her mom stopped and held the little girl across her knees as the child cried. Alyssa padded back to the bathroom and corner as her mother comforted the child and tucked her into bed without dinner.

Alyssa's heart was pounding fast and hard as she tried to stand very still in the corner of the bathroom. She heard her mother come in and pull the plug, draining the bath. Still, neither the woman nor the girl said anything. Alyssa took a deep breath. In a low voice she said,

"I'm sorry, Mom."

Silence. The tub was closed and water run again. Alyssa felt her own sweat beading salty on her lip.

"We didn't go in so very far -"

WHACK! Alyssa shrieked in surprise as the bath brush cracked down across her bottom.

"Don't - you - dare - try - to - make - up - excuses - miss."

Ten hard smacks with the brush underlined each word and Alyssa was again crying and twisting to get away. Her mother firmly tucked the girl under her arm and, with sharp quick smacks of the brush, turned her still-pink bottom red again, ignoring the girl's kicks and pleas. She then led her into the tub and began washing her vigorously, much to Alyssa's embarrassment.

Despite her quiet protests that she was able to clean herself, Alyssa found herself washed in the same way her younger sister had been, scrubbed vigorously from head to toe, the bath brush used both to clean and ensure her quiet compliance. Finally she was led out, dried and put in clean PJs.

At last her mother spoke. "Now, I'm going to take you back to your room and give you a spanking with my hand for acting like such a naughty little girl and not coming when I called you."

With that, her mother led Alyssa back to her room, moved the girl's desk chair to the middle of the room and then sat on it. She took down the girl's fresh PJs and panties and pulled her across her lap, legs dangling, damp hair brushing the floor.

"I'm really sorry, Mom!"

"Not as sorry as you're going to be, missy."

And with that she began spanking her, just with her hand, like a little girl. But the spanking went on and on, and Alyssa found herself kicking and crying and pleading, promising to be good. Her bottom turned from pink to red to bright red, the spanking leaving white fingerprints which turned to red and criss-crossed into each other.

Finally the spanking stopped. Her mother pulled up her panties and PJs and hugged the sobbing Alyssa to her breast, comforting the girl with soothing pats and tiny squeezes. As she quieted, Alyssa began to look forward to her clean bed. She thought of lying there and rubbing her sore bottom beneath the covers.

"Now you go stand in that corner until your daddy calls you."

Alyssa's eyes filled with sudden fear and new tears of betrayal.

"But . . . but you just spanked me!"

"For not coming when I called you. Your daddy will have to be the one to punish you for disobeying him again." As Alyssa started to protest, her mother finished with, "Should I tell him you wouldn't obey me again now, Alyssa Jane?"

Alyssa wisely shut her mouth and went and stood in the corner where her mom was pointing. A glance at the clock on the way there told her that her father would be home in less than an hour. Her mind went again to her last spanking, the feeling of being across his lap and paddled hard. Fear and something else caused her heart to tighten and beat faster. He'd spank her harder this time. He always did when she did the same thing again. Alyssa tried to swallow, feeling her mouth go completely dry. But maybe because her mom had already spanked her, her dad would let her off.

When she finally heard the car in the drive, Alyssa cursed herself for ever going near the canyon.

[continued in part 2/2 . . .]

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