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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Conduct File
by Mija



Name: Ruiz, Mariana

ID#: 574-78-9519 - second-year transfer

Age: 20

Dormitory: Levine #468




9/2/97 3:30AM

Violation: Quiet-hours underage drinking.

Student drinking w/ others in room. Claimed forgot quiet-hours rule & beer wasn't hers.

Action: Warning.

(Attached apology.)




9/26/97 5:20PM

Violation: Skateboarding indoors.

Ruiz reminded 3X not to skateboard in hallways. Claims signs are too small.

Action: Required to make larger signs.

(Completed 3/16/98.)




10/11/97 4:17AM

Violation: Noise.

Asked repeatedly to turn down her music.

Action: Warning, 500w. essay on 'community responsibility'.

(Essay completed 3/16/98.)





Incident: Roommate conflict.

Sasson (#468) required release from housing contract.

Reasons: Ruiz's repeated rules violation. Sasson's parents state daughter can't sleep/study.

Action: J. Sasson released.




11/21/97 1:00AM

Violation: Noise.

Ruiz yelling out window during finals week quiet hours.

Action: Meeting with faculty master re. standards of community.





Violation: Intoxication?

Ruiz seen stumbling in hallways. Denied drinking. Joking rudely at news she's on report.

Action: None.




1/16/98 9:20PM

Violation: Smoking indoors.

Found in laundry room smoking. Student argued & called RA 'fascist'.

Action: Warned against abusing university officers, 500w. essay on 'fire hazards'.

(Essay received 3/16/98.)




Request: Extended overnight guest.

Name: Ian Staltworthy. Male, University of London.

Relationship: Friend.

Dates: 3/2/98 - 3/20/98.





2/28/98 12:45AM

Violation: On roof of dormitory. Underage intoxication/drinking. Possession of illegal substance. Abuse of university official.

6 students seen on Levine roof, security called. Approached students, found beer & 'bong' loaded with marijuana. When asked for student ID Ruiz yelled 'Fuck off rent-a-cop!!'.

Action: Required: 3/7/98 and 3/8/98 all-day seminars: 'Substance Abuse' & 'Making Responsible Choices'. 2 essays of 1000w.+, each submitted by 3/20/98.

(Essays received 3/15/98.)






Dear Ms Ruiz,

I regret to write I'm denying your requested postponement of your required seminars.

As I reminded you in our meeting yesterday, you're allowed to remain in the dormitories only on the condition of your attendance. Should you not attend, please vacate your room Monday.

Considering your planned visit to your parents: were this the only incident in your folder I'd agree. However, the number of reports indicate this action's past due. I hope you and your boyfriend will be able to use the airline tickets later.


Amy McClintock

(Enclose copy student file.)




Incident: Noise?

The RA on duty heard complaints of odd noises coming from Mariana's room. When RA approached door he heard sounds of a dull thumping, 'like a muffled drum' & also what he took to be distressed crying.

Ruiz responded to the knock somewhat dishevelled. She claimed to be fine, that she and her guest were simply having a discussion. Ruiz apologized for behaviour the previous weekend.

RA left, and didn't investigate again despite repeated reports of further noise.



Notes scrawled on folder:




No further violations. Note effectiveness of 'Making Responsible Choices' seminar.



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