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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] Thoughts From the Corner
by Mija

Why did I tell the truth anyway? I mean, it would have been so easy to answer 'yes'.

Yes, I'd stayed in bed. Yes, I'd slept through the night. I used to be able to lie without even thinking about it. What does it matter anyway?

My feet hurt; I hate standing still.

What if someone can see me? Maybe if I stand on one foot? Then the other?

No, this still sucks.

[Nose Right In. You Hear?]

Yes, yes, I hear you. So damn sure you know what's right. For me, for you, for us. Always. Wish I had the guts to name you 'Master' right now, see how you'd like it.

But I'd like to get out of here someday so I'll save it.

I'm bored. I wonder what would happen if I started kicking the wall? Or maybe just poking it with my toes.

[Feet Flat On The Floor.]

Dear God. How long do I have to stay in here anyway? Maybe if I count to 100? Over and over.

Never mind, that's too boring.

I'll just lean my forehead against the walls. Nice and cool. Close my eyes.

So maybe I should sleep more.

I need to buy a new marker. My green one is dry.

What's with that crack in the plaster? It looks like a river or snake or something. Or if I tip my head, it's a jar.

What if a spider comes out?

I can see a black ant. I won't squish it because I'm nice.

I don't really need a bedtime anyway. It's silly, you stay up later than me all the time.

Unfair bossy man.

[Did You Say Something? Enough Of The Sighing, Miss.]

I should just walk out. What could you do? I can turn around anytime I want to. It's just nice to let you feel in charge.

I'm leaving right now. Me, out of the corner.

Shoot that stings.

Starting time over again, really? Like you even have a fixed time.


I'm going to call you 'Master' in front of our friends. In front of my parents.

In front of your brother.

Or in a post written by Your naughty girl who is punished by You. Then everyone will know how mean You are. See how You like them apples, Mister Master Man.

Bossing me around.

How long has it been anyway?

You can't see me stick my tongue out. Good.

I think my arms are asleep.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess everyone liked. They liked her so much she got whatever she wanted and lived in her beautiful kingdom where everyone was happy and nice and let her do what she wanted.

So she stuck you in a damn corner for a jillion years.

C'mon man. Lemme out.

I'll be good, really.

[Okay, That's Good, Sweetheart. Now Come Here And Bring Me Your Hairbrush.]

The hairbrush?

Hmm . . . maybe I'll stay.

It's nice here, really.

My corner.

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