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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] Until Death
by Mija

"What're ya thinkin', Seamus? We'd ignore a black eye on Pop's princess?"

Carla sat in the corner, a smile twitching her lips.

I turned away, closing my eyes, waiting for the blows. The first, a hard shot to my jaw, made bile rise and I struggled not to gag. Still, the pain felt good, easing the guilt I'd felt since my palm struck Carla's face.

Another blow into my gut. My knees went so Richard held me up. Lou rubbed his knuckles, tilting my head up.

"She -" I broke off. What? Asked for it?

"There's no excuse for clocking her, Seamus. You ain't gonna have a wife with no shiner, ever. Got it?"

"Yeah," gasping, as another blow connected.

"Good, so we won't have this conversation again."

It wasn't a question.

"Never. I'm leaving her."

Lou slapped me hard. My teeth felt loose and I tasted blood.

"No, Seamus, no divorces. You and Carla, until death."

Fuck me. A death sentence.

"Now, why'd ya clock her?"

"No excuses," I choked.

"Yeah, yeah," Lou waved my words away. "But why?"

I breathed deeply. "She thinks I've got a mistress and won't quit about it. So she, uh, doesn't wanna - uh, screw."

My chin sunk to my chest. Why not just cut my balls off?

"Carla always was a spoiled little bitch." I looked up to see Lou grinning while Carla's face darkened.

"Next time, beat her ass." This, from Richard.

Carla's eyes widened and she shot from her chair.

"Like hell! I'll tell Daddy!"

"Tell Pop you're such a bitch your husband paddles you? Not goddamn likely." He pushed the intercom button before advancing on Carla, staring down at her.

"What a bitch. You showed us those bruises and then watched him get beaten. I kept expecting you to beg me to stop, but no, nothing."

Lou took his sister by the arm, pulling her over where Richard and I stood. His wife opened the door, came in and leaned against it. She looked unconcerned, even bored, by the scene.

"Lie across your husband's knees, sis. Or Theresa'll help hold you across my desk."

With that, Lou shoved Carla and I found her lying sprawled across my lap, her skirt tight and barely covering her small round bottom. I wrapped my left arm around her waist, holding her there.

"Smack her."

I needed no further instruction and brought my palm down hard, feeling a surge of power as she screamed in frustration and squirmed, trying to get away. My next five spanks were harder as I got the hang of it, enjoying the feeling of her lying across my thighs.

"He's a natural, Lou." Theresa sounded pleased. "But, Seamus, it'll hurt her more and you less if you pull up that skirt."

Carla squirmed but I silenced her with a smack to her thighs, grinning at her little girl whimpers.

Me and Carla. Until death.

Fuck me.

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