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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry One: 15 June 1985. Rating: Totally Unfair.

We just moved into a new house and it's pretty cool because it has a pool. Our old house didn't have a pool but I swim fine and mom knows that and so does dad because I passed my junior lifesaving and everything. On the first try. Anyway, I asked to go swimming and my mom said "later, after we unpack the books." So I helped her. She moved on to the kitchen and I went and changed into my suit and dived into the pool.

I was practicing the breaststroke when I hear dad yell, "Anne! Get out of that pool." And I was worried because things are never good when he yells at me. But mom said I could swim.

I got out and he yelled at me for swimming alone. And so I yelled back that mom said I could. He said he didn't think so, and pulled me, still dripping, into the house. Mom said she told me to wait. And I tried to say she said to wait until the books were unpacked and they were, but my dad took the kitchen paddle (the lame-o NOT cute one that says 'for the little deer with a bear behind') out of that box and told me I'd just earned my first spanking in the new house for swimming without permission, lying and disobeying my mom.

And I tried to explain but he got even madder and took my swim bottoms down and pulled me over his knee.

First, 10 is way too old to be spanked. And no one should spank their kids anyway, because what if you make a mistake? Which this totally was. You can't take a spanking back the way you can if you ground someone or something.

But he didn't even say anything, just whack whack whack on my cold bottom. And I started yelling because he really hits hard and my bottom was cold from all the water and stuff but he just spanked and spanked. And then he asked me if I was ready to apologize. But I was still mad so I tried to say again that Mom had said I could go swimming so he started spanking again even harder and on the top of my legs this time which is mega mean.

So I started yelling sorry sorry sorry. And he finally stopped and pulled my swimsuit back up. But the worst thing was I had to say sorry to my mom before I went to my room. I wanted to slam the door but I didn't. But I want you to remember that I would have.

They're both so lame. I wish I lived anywhere else :( And I wish I could tell them that I say I'm sorry because they make me. Not because I really am.

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