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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry Three: 17 July 1985. Rating: Sort of Fair.

I'm trying to be honest about this, so I put "sort of fair" even though I still don't think spanking kids is right or anything.

I was really bored today and just hanging out around the house. My sister was maybe bored too - we seem to need to spend every minute with each other since we haven't gotten to meet any other kids.

So anyway, she asked me to play with her and I said "okay."

Now my sister is pretty kewl but is younger than me and likes to play dolls which I've never really liked (paper dolls are different). But still, I said okay and we set up the doll house.

What I like best about playing dolls is decorating where they'll live. But a lot of the stuff we used to use in the old house didn't get moved because my mom thought it was junky. And so the doll's place now looked very bare. So I decided to get some other things. They weren't anything that big, just a handkerchief with some lace from my mom's dresser (to use for a bedspread) and a make-up compact (for a vanity). I'm not really supposed to go into her stuff, but I thought I could put them away before she found out.

That made things look better. But then I decided to get the mini-tea set out of the dining room cabinet. It's not really a toy, the tea set, but a little tiny version of her real one. A friend from college gave it to her when she and my dad got engaged.

Anyway, I was taking it out really carefully and set it on the floor when my hand accidentally hit one of the glasses in the front and it fell out and broke with a really loud crash. My mom came running in while I was trying to gather up all the pieces. She made me stop so the glass wouldn't hurt me, and I had to stand there while she cleaned it up. I felt soooo bad because the things in her cabinet are special and now I'd broken something.

Plus I knew I was in trouble. So my eyes started to water a little and I told her I was sorry. She didn't say anything to me but put the little tea set back and told me to go to my room.

When I got to my room, my sister was gone (which is okay, I would be gone too if I were her). But she'd cleaned everything up and put all my mom's stuff away so I guess she isn't too bad. If my mom had seen all that she'd have been madder than she was going to be.

After about five minutes, I was afraid that maybe I was going to have to wait for my dad to come home. That would be bad because sitting all day makes it worse and I already had to go to the bathroom. But finally my mom came in. She didn't look mad, but she had grandma's hairbrush with her. As soon as I saw it, I really really had to go to the bathroom.

Okay, just so you know how twisted my family is, this is my grandma's hairbrush that she had when she was a little girl and that her mother and father spanked her with when she was bad. And she spanked my mother with it too. So my mom knows how much it hurt. My grandma gave it to my mom as a present when I hadn't even been born yet but she knew I was coming. It's made out of ebony and is heavier than you'd think.

My mom doesn't use it very often, but it hurts worse than anything.

Anyway, she sat on the bed next to me holding the brush. And asked me why I'd gone into the cabinet. I told her that I was playing dolls and wanted to get something for their house and thought the tea set would be nice. She asked if I remembered that I wasn't supposed to go in there and I said yes and that I was sorry, that I didn't mean to break her glass.

Mom said that was why there were rules so that accidents didn't happen. And I nodded and knew I was going to get a spanking with the brush. She had me bend over her lap and pulled up my sundress but didn't pull down my panties. She spanked me really hard too, and I cried pretty loud. The brush isn't as loud as the paddle.

When she finished and I was still crying Mom told me to go wash my face and then take a nap before dinner. And I did, even though I was sure I'd never sleep because my bottom hurt so much. But I did sleep.

At dinner she told my dad when I'd done and that she'd spanked me with the brush. He looked right at me and asked if it had hurt. I nodded because I was too embarrassed to talk. He said I was lucky he hadn't been here or he'd have paddled me proper.

I didn't say anything, but couldn't eat anymore. My sister looked sad for me too. :((

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