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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry Four: 30 July 1985. Rating: Unfair.

I got spanked today for talking back. Which is just wrong because I wasn't talking back so much as explaining. We were in the car and my sister and I were arguing over what should be on TV when we got home. I guess we were bugging my dad because he said, "one more word and no one is watching TV tonight." I was quiet but my sister started to explain why it should be her choice because I'd already picked last night. Which was a total lie anyway.

My dad stopped her and said "That's it. No TV tonight!"

I said it wasn't fair because I hadn't said anything and the next thing was he pulled the car off the road and onto the side of the highway. He turned around and started yelling at both of us for talking back. And I tried to tell him that I was being good but that didn't help at all so next time I'm just going to be quiet.

Finally I had to get in the front seat with him and ride home. When we got there he said he hoped I knew I was getting the spanking I deserved for my SMART LITTLE REMARKS.

I didn't think I deserved a spanking and didn't think I was being SMART (guess he wanted stupid girls), but didn't say anything because he always ends up taking everything totally wrong. So I got spanked in the kitchen with the paddle with my shorts down. Even though I get paddled a lot, it hurts every time and makes me cry.

Then he said I should be glad he took me home because next time I talk back he'd spank me right there and then wherever we were.

My sister didn't even get in trouble and she got to watch TV while I had to go to bed early. Plus she watched me get spanked too even though she pretended to be reading. And didn't even say it was all her fault. Which it soooo was.

I'm supposed to be asleep but am writing this instead. Because otherwise I might forget and grow up as mean as them.

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