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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry Five: 3 August 1985. Rating: Fair. :(

I know, waaaay too many spankings lately. :( I think it's because I'm stuck with my parents all the time since my friends are back at my real home.

My sister and I both got paddled today. We were whispering in church after communion. My mom had already squeezed both our hands to get us to be quiet and we had been, but then I started playing with the sash on her dress which made her mad and she pulled it away so hard it left a red mark on my hand so I kicked her and we forgot we were supposed to be quiet.

Next thing I know my dad is pulling us both out to the parking lot. He spanked her first, sitting on the car bumper and pulling her dress right up and spanking her hard on her panties. She cried loud and yelled that I'd kicked her and it was my fault (thanks!).

Then my dad stands her up and tells her to go sit in the car. Then he turns to me. By now, a lot of the people going to the next mass are already waiting outside and they've heard my sister yelling her head off. So I told him I was sorry and asked him to please not spank me here, to spank me at home instead.

He said "I'll spank you at home too. For what you did, setting such a bad example . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah."

Okay, so I know I should be good. But being in church is boring and it's hot. Anyway, I tried to talk him out of it, but he got me over his lap and pulled my dress up too. Then I said something dumb and told him that I was too old to be spanked here. And he said he decided that and pulled my panties all the way down and started spanking me really hard. I tried to be really quiet and bite my lip so no one would see, but I finally had to start crying. Plus the spanks were so loud I was sure everyone in the church could hear.

When he finished and I was standing he said, "pull up your underpants", like it was my fault they were down. Then he told me to go sit in the car with my sister. The seats were all hot and hurt. I hope none of the kids at my new school saw. Or if they did that they don't remember that it was me.

After the people started going out he said we were going to go and say sorry to Father Mac. I felt scared and didn't want to, but didn't say anything. He was outside in his Mass clothes saying hi to people. We went up and my dad said, "my daughters have something to say." I started crying and said I was sorry for talking and playing in Mass.

He was very nice and said he could see I was sorry and was sure I wouldn't do it again. And that we hadn't made him lose his place talking.

I felt better after that. Usually we get donuts after church but today we went straight home and my mom spanked us both with the hairbrush. It hurt a lot and I cried though not as loud or hard as my sister. Though my mom said she spanked me longer for getting my sister into trouble since I'm older and supposed to be a good example. Which seems totally unfair because no one was a good example for me.

But afterwards I still felt pretty good because Father Mac wasn't mad at me. I bet he wouldn't have wanted us to get spanked again either.

Maybe not even the first time.

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