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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry Six: 19 August 1985. Rating: **Embarrassing**.

Okay, this isn't really a spanking. But it was about spanking and too terrible for words. I was like hoping the whole store would be swallowed up in an earthquake but it didn't happen.

This is what happened.

I was at the store with my dad. And I'm 10 now so like for two years I've been doing my own thing and then meeting up at the front, no biggie right? And we were at Bullock's and they're just the same in LA as in San Diego.

Okay so maybe I was in another department than him, but still, mom lets me look so long as I don't mess around with stuff. Which I don't!

So I was looking at the eye-shadow (there was a cool one with purple and yellow that I know would be soooo me if I were ever allowed to wear it which I'll be like 30 or something before anyone lets me), and my dad suddenly CLAMPS his hand on my shoulder, turns me around and says in the loudest voice in the entire world, "YOU'RE TOO OLD TO BE WANDERING AWAY LIKE A BABY." I like totally died because anyone in the building could hear. And then he whacked my sundress twice which didn't hurt but everyone could see.

And I was soooooo afraid he was going to spank me there. And everyone would see. So I was all "sorry sorry sorry." And said something about being lost and confused and whatever (like that could happen in a store). So he said (again really loud), "THEN YOU CAN JUST HOLD MY HAND."

Omigod . . . holding his hand! Like I'm 5???? Can you spell LAME-o!!!

But I did. And as we're walking out some old bat with blue hair is all "so good to see parents who don't let kids run wild" making all nice to my dad.

And he THANKED her. I soooo wanted to tell her to mind her own flipping business, but I stayed quiet because my dad was JOKING with her about how I'm a "good kid if I get my backside tanned every couple weeks." So if I'd said something he'd probably just "tan" it right there just to prove whatever. And I'm sure everyone in the store heard them both.

Haha spank the kid, really funny. NOT!!

God, I hate him so much. From now on I'm only shopping with my mom and he can just go alone.

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