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[Image of Little Miss Naughty] The Way It Really Is
by Mija

Entry Ten: 1 October 1985. Rating: None.

I didn't get spanked tonight, but my sister did. It sort of was fair because I would have gotten spanked too if it was me. But I feel bad when she's in trouble. Also she's little and it's hard to remember what you're supposed to when you're a little kid.

It was like this. She was playing dolls across the street with Maylinda and was supposed to come home at 4:45. And she must have forgot and my mom didn't notice because mom and her friend were talking and having wine by the pool. So my dad comes home and mom's friend leaves and my dad's like mad because dinner isn't even started and its 5:30. I wasn't hungry but didn't say.

So they were arguing. And started to turn on me like. "And why are you still in your uniform?" my dad says. And I lie and say, "I was doing my homework and forgot to change." Okay so I was reading but he'll never know.

Then I guess he noticed my sister wasn't there and got mad again. And my mom was like, "I know I told her to be home at 4:45 and she knows that anyway." So my dad tells me to go across the street and get her. And when I go in my sister and Maylinda are playing and all happy and I have to tell her she's late and has to come home now.

On the way across the street she asked me if dad was home and I said "yes". And if she was in trouble and that was "yes" too. I felt bad for her because she took my hand like I could save her. :(

Anyway, my dad was waiting for her when she got home and told her that she needed to learn to be where she was supposed to be or she'd be in trouble. She was like "okay okay okay" and promising to be good. And then he said he was going to give her a good paddling so she didn't forget. He was already holding the paddle and I know spankings always happen if he has it and it did, right there in the kitchen. He took down her jeans and her panties so I knew she was going to get spanked really hard.

I slipped out of the room. I thought maybe I'd go to my room but instead I stayed and listened in the den, pretending to read but really counting. The spanks were really loud and I could hear her crying and yelling but he just kept on sometimes saying stuff like, "THINK YOU'LL KEEP TRACK OF TIME BETTER NOW", or whatever. Like spanking isn't mean enough??

He must say stuff like that to me when I'm getting spanked too but I never noticed. I felt so bad for her when he finished because she was crying totally hard for a loong time. I'm going to watch and make sure she's not late coming home again just in case. I wish I'd noticed today. :(

While my mom was making dinner we went to our room and I tried to make her feel better by asking about halloween and saying I wanted to be a princess (which I do because then I can wear a long dress with my hair up). My sister started laughing and said she wanted to be a princess too. (I totally forgot she always wants to be the same as me which I don't like because then people think we're twins. And I'm older!) And so I said she could, but then I'd need to be something else.

She wants me to be Raggedy Anne which I think would be lame but made her laugh and that made us both feel better. If she were my kid I'd give her more chances before I spanked her because she's a pretty cool little kid.

If she were older, then she could be my twin and both of us being princesses would be okay.

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