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[Image of Little Miss Sunshine]Reach Out and Touch Someone
by MollyB

"Jamie, are you in the corner?"

"Yes, Alan."

Jamie sprawled on the bed, with the phone to her ear.

It was early evening. Alan was away on business for a week, and he and Jamie were temporarily a long-distance couple. Accustomed as they were to having each other around, they had been spending a lot of time on the phone, sometimes talking a few times over the course of a day.

Earlier that day, Jamie had admitted a transgression that would ordinarily have earned her a trip over Alan's knee if he were home, and he had decided not to wait until he returned to spank her. Alan reasoned that Jamie would feel better if she got her punishment over with, and they made a phone date for that evening. The plan was for Jamie to spank herself according to the instructions Alan would give her over the phone. Although she had agreed to it, Jamie was not so sure, and in the hours between phone calls, she had become even less sure.

Jamie had put the TV on "mute" and had picked up the phone. Nick at Night continued silently in close-captioned 1950's black and white as Jamie and Alan spoke.

"Ok sweetheart, now I want you to put two pillows on the bed."

Jamie leaned back against the fluffy pillows.

"And bring the paddle over to the bed."

Suppressing a mutter at having to get up, Jamie complied and then got comfortable on the bed again.

"Ok, Alan, I have it."

"Take down your pajama pants and your panties."

"But ..."

"Jamie, I said to take them down, and just because I am not there to do it for you is no reason to whine about it, miss. And no pouting. Since when do you get spanked any way but bare bottomed?"

Jamie blushed and squirmed and complied with Alan's request to bare her own bottom, tugging the cozy pink flannel down. "Ok, Alan, my pjs and panties are down. Yes. To my knees." It was fortunate that Alan didn't see the face that accompanied Jamie's statement.

"Now get over the pillows so that your bottom is nice and high."

Jamie climbed atop the pillows as directed. She felt a cool breeze on her raised bottom and bare thighs.

Alan took a deep breath. "Ok, Jamie, I want to hear six on each side."

Jamie picked up the shoes she had placed nearby and smacked the soles together a dozen times near the phone receiver.

Alan wondered, but said nothing about the sound he heard. "Ok, good, now 3 at the top of each thigh, right near your bottom."

Again Jamie smacked the shoes together. This time she added a gratuitous "ow!" She ran her right hand over her bottom and imagined that it had been spanked with the paddle. She shuddered.

To Alan's next instructions, Jamie responded with the same shoe smacking. This time, her "ow!" was a bit more heartfelt, as she accidentally banged her finger with the shoes once.

"Jamie, I don't think that last group was hard enough. I barely heard it. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't count. Please do it again."

"It must be a bad phone connection, Alan. It's not my fault."

Alan considered the fact that Jamie just might be telling the truth; he was, after all on his cell phone, and sometimes the connection wasn't great. And for several reasons, he really didn't want to prolong the phone call by arguing over it. Very uncharacteristically, he let the matter drop.

"Jamie, was that the doorbell?"

Jamie thought that Alan must have ears like a bat.

"Yes. But I'm not answering it. I'm in my pajamas. I'm not expecting anyone, and they can just forget it."

"Sweetheart, you can at least go see who's there. Just use the peephole. I'll be right here."

"Oh, all right." Jamie sighed dramatically.

In no rush to answer the door, Jamie slowly pulled up her panties and pajamas. Carrying the phone, she padded down the polished wooden stairs. "Ok, Alan, I'm going. You still there?"

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm right here."

As Jamie got to the door, she heard a key turning in the lock and she panicked for a moment. Then she heard Alan's voice. But not through the phone. Alan had managed to finish his project earlier than expected and to come home that night instead of the next day. He had debated with himself and then decided that being able to surprise Jamie by getting home a day early would be worth the cost of having her paddle herself as they had agreed. And besides, he thought, then they wouldn't have her punishment hanging over their heads and would be able to spend a nice evening together.

"Luuucyyyy, I'm home!" their traditional joke.

Jamie launched herself at Alan, who hugged Jamie to him. She giggled as he shrugged off his coat and pretended to tie her to him with his long woolly muffler. Alan ran his hands down her back. Without really thinking about it, he felt her bottom through her recently pulled up pajama pants and then slipped his hands into the pants and under the waistband of her panties. His brow furrowed, and he pulled back the elastic waistband to peer inside Jamie's panties as she squirmed with what she was sure was near-fatal embarrassment.

"Your bottom is awfully cool and pale for a girl who just gave herself 36 smacks with a paddle."

Jamie said nothing as she snuggled her head against Alan's chest.

"Jamie, look at me."

Jamie kept her head down and her eyes squeezed tightly closed. Alan suppressed a smile as his finger under her chin brought her head up but her eyes remained squinched shut.

"Jamie, open your eyes and look at me. Now. You did *not* apply that paddle to you bottom, did you?"

"No, Alan."

"But you let me think you did."

A small nod as she kept his gaze. She had never actually said she was spanking herself, but that seemed a small detail. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.

"Did you stand in the corner? Did you do any of what we agreed you'd be doing?"

"Well, I did get the paddle, and I did pull my pjs and panties down," Jamie said, hoping for partial credit. "And I was over the pillows."

"Why did you bother? Jamie, you essentially *lied* to me about your entire punishment."

Absolutely incredulous, Alan quickly draped Jamie over his raised knee, as he had seen Ricky Ricardo do to Lucy in many reruns. He delivered a dozen fast and crisp spanks to her bottom and then sat down on the couch, pulling Jamie with him. She landed across his lap, and he held her there while she kicked her feet in protest. Swiftly he pulled her flannel pants and panties down to her knees. He left stinging handprints on the backs of her thighs, and she settled down. Several hard smacks to her sit spot and then a pause.

Jamie turned to look at Alan, and he brushed the hair out of her face and bent to kiss her forehead. "Jamie, I love you very much. And I'm going to give you a spanking you're going to remember for a long time. Why did you lie to me, sweetheart?"

Jamie put her head back down. No answer. SMACK "Why did you let me think you were obeying me?" SMACK SMACK

Jamie gritted her teeth as if an answer she'd regret might slip out otherwise.

Alan let loose with a fusillade of hard handspanks to Jamie's bottom, which became an increasingly dark shade of pink while she maintained a silence broken only by gasps and sniffs and then a few sobs.

"I just couldn't do it, Alan. I wanted to. I tried. Really. Ow."

"Jamie ..."

"Ok, I did want to. But I didn't even try."

"And" SMACK "why" SMACK "was that" SMACK "sweetheart?" SMACK Alan punctuated his inquiry with smacks to Jamie's bottomcheeks. He stopped spanking while he waited for her reply.

Jamie's throat was dry, and she swallowed hard. Finally, she said, "I was scared that if I tried, I might not be able to."


"And then I'd feel really terrible that I couldn't do it and let you, let us, down."

"And how do you feel now, James?" Alan smacked her bottom.

A little voice from close to the floor: "Owww. Worse."

Alan waited.

The little voice again: "Worse because I didn't try, nnnnot just worse because you had to spppank mee." Jamie sobbed quietly.

Alan resumed spanking Jamie's bottom and continued to land solid smacks until he was convinced of her remorse and felt she had been punished enough for the deceit. He helped her stand up and took her hands in his as she faced him.

"Ok Jamie. I think you still have some spanking to do."

"W-w-what? But you just spanked me!"

"You heard me. I just spanked you for lying to me. Lying to me was your choice, Jamie, and when you chose that, you chose two spankings tonight, not just one. There's still that first spanking to take care of. Now, do you have to stand in the corner first? With your naughty bottom bare?"

"No. Please, no. But maybe you should call me on the cell phone?"

"No, Jamie. We're going upstairs, and then I'm going to watch as you give yourself the spanking you were supposed to get before I came home. Come on, young lady, let's go."

Alan held out his hand and waited for Jamie to take it and be led upstairs. "Better that than risk walking in front of him," she thought as she rubbed her bottom with her free hand.

As Alan helped Jamie get on their bed, he picked the paddle up off the quilt and tapped it against his palm. For just a second, Jamie thought Alan might spank her with it, and she almost felt relief at not having to do it herself.

"Alan, I'm sorry I lied to you."

"I know you are, Jamie. What *was* that I heard, anyway?"

Wondering if anyone ever really died of embarrassment, Jamie blushed and took a deep breath. She climbed over the pillows and buried her face. From her pillow, she said, "Shoes. I smacked the soles of my shoes together."

Alan ran his hand through his hair. "Shoes? shoes. I knew that didn't sound right. You told me it was a bad phone connection, Jamie. Shoes?"

Jamie wasn't sure which to be gladder about -- that Alan had little sense of poetic justice or that he saw shoes and slippers as different items entirely and would therefore not think of slippering her. She didn't have much time to mull this over because Alan placed the paddle in her hand and said, "Ok, young lady, I want to hear 6 on each side. Now. And if they are not real smacks, they won't count and you'll find yourself over my knee again. And then you can try again."

Summoning everything she had, Jamie managed to smack each of her already-sore bottomcheeks half a dozen times.

"Good girl. Now 3 on each thigh and then 6 low on the middle of your bottom."

Once again Jamie complied with Alan's instructions.

"Ok, 6 more spread out on each side. These are the last ones, so make them harder than the others."

Holding back tears, Jamie reached back and counted out the hard smacks on her crimson bottom. As she landed the final smack, she began to cry shakily.

Alan took the paddle from her hand and held her close, her pajamas still down. "Ok, Jamie, all over." Alan patted Jamie's back and gently rested his large hand on her hot, sore bottom. "And I'm proud of you for being a brave girl. I'm going to go get some cream for your bottom."

Jamie waited for Alan on the bed, on her tummy, hugging her pillow close. After he gently rubbed some cream into Jamie's bottom, he washed her face with a soft cloth, finger-combed the hair off her face, and kissed her forehead. Then Alan lay down next to her on the bed with his arm around her.

"My finger." Jamie held out her hand inches from Alan's face.

"You want cream on your finger?"

"No, it hurts. I hit it with my shoe."

They both laughed ruefully as Alan kissed her finger and made it better. He pulled the quilt up over both of them.

"Jamie, you could have told me that you didn't think you could spank yourself. We could have talked about it, you know. It probably would have saved you a spanking for lying. And besides, you did manage to do it."

"I know." And she did.

As Jamie and Alan snuggled under the covers, Lucy and Ethel stuffed chocolates into their poufy hats at the candy factory until Alan found the remote and clicked the tv off. Jamie settled her head onto Alan's chest and was asleep almost instantly; an exhausted Alan held her close and marveled at what they had.

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