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I didn't write this piece with the intention of ever posting it, but Mija, who is the focus of this story, requested that I do. So here it is. It is real life followed by a dream . . . what followed the dream is not detailed in this writing.

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A Dream Fulfilled
by Peg

*It's now safe to turn off your computer*

The tiny slit of light generated by the message on my monitor is the only thing that separates me from reality. My world exists within this tangle of wires and plastic; it is a window where shades are never drawn and light never surrenders to the darkness. It is a place where someone is always awake, always willing to talk and share ideas. It is a place where I have found many friends, some of whom I have grown to love dearly . . .

I sit transfixed, almost hypnotized by the tiny flicker on my CPU as it tends to some task unknown to me. I must go to bed! I need the rest, but I am always reluctant to leave this cyber world because it means I must return to reality and sever the tie to fantasy. I lean back and relax in my chair for a moment and think back to the conversation just ended. A chill runs through my body as I realize that my cyber world and my fantasies will soon join together and be one. I have reached out and penetrated the anonymity that protected me for so very long. Mija is coming to visit me for a few days and I am to meet, face to face, a woman with whom I have shared my innermost thoughts, one that I have grown to love as a daughter, a daughter I never had. I smile as I reach over and turn off the computer. It is dark now, and I stumble in the darkness towards my bed . . .

As I lie there trying to sleep, my mind wanders back to my conversation with Mija. My memory steps through her words one by one until I am convinced that I understood the message that she has relayed. Mija asked me to spank her!! The realization of this request produces a charge of adrenaline that fills my body with a mixture of fear and joy at the prospect. Can I do this? Do I want to do this? Can I really knowingly inflict pain on another human being without anger? God knows I can take it, but can I really give it? I understand her needs because I have the same needs, the same desires. I know that a spanking can sometimes release my tension and put my life back on an even keel. Is that what she wants from me? Yes, I think it is! I want to be the mother she craves, if only for a day. A mother that will make her realize that the choices she makes at times are harmful to her, counter-productive to her goals. This lesson can only be taught by one who genuinely cares about her, one that loves her unconditionally and wishes only the best for her. Yes . . . I AM that person. As I drift off to sleep, my subconscious mind takes over and begins to plan the event. I am the mother, and this is my child.

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It's a long drive to the campus, and the weather is terrible. I suppose we should have canceled this visit, but I miss seeing you and I know that you are badly in need of a rest, some home cooking, and some motherly advice. I have sensed for some time now that your efforts at school have slackened, and I know that you are not making the best use of your time. Your school work is beginning to suffer, you need to get back on track. I call you on my cell phone as I near the dorm, and you are standing at the curb waiting for me when I arrive. You jump into the car quickly to escape the torrent of rain, we hug each other and then begin the long journey home. You are quiet, almost withdrawn, only occasionally speaking of school, but I can tell that you are concerned about it.

It is so good to have you home again, I missed chatting and laughing with you. You sit sprawled on the couch watching TV while you nibble on the fresh fruit that I always make sure is available for you. It is getting late. We have wasted most of the day with idle chatter, and we have not yet discussed your problems with school. It is time! I turn off the TV, walk over to the couch and sit down next to you. We hug for a moment, then you settle down, your eyes cast to the floor. I think you know what is coming next . . .

"Mija? . . . I want to talk to you about school."

You nervously shift your position and draw your legs up underneath you. You look tired, and a little ashamed. You know what I am going to say.

"Mija? . . . I am disappointed in you. You haven't given your studies your full attention lately. You've been wasting too much time on the computer and have neglected your classes. You're not resting properly, if you go to bed at all! You put off your assignments until the last minute then scramble around to get them done on time. You're just doing enough to get by these days. Am I right about this?"

"Well, yes, I do spend a lot of time on the computer, but I'm getting good grades and I'm passing all my classes."

This is SO like you, you always have something to say! I remember all the times you've tried to make excuses for your behavior, trying to justify what you've done. But I won't be fooled by your excuses this time, this is too important, this is your future! I reach over and take your chin in my hand and force you to look me straight in the eye, then I ask the question again.

"Mija? Am I right about this?"

"I suppose, but still, school is so tiring and I need some relaxation. I need to get a break once in a while, so I play on the computer a bit."

"Mija, if you would organize your time a little better you would find that you had time for both your school work and play, but the school work MUST come first! Do you understand?"


"Can you deny that you have been turning in your assignments at the last minute? Do you really believe that by doing this you are producing your best work?"

"No, but, but, at least I get them in!"

"Mija, I don't want to hear any more excuses! You've been wrong and you know it! Your job is to go to school and do the very best that you can. You owe this much to the students that you will one day teach, you owe them your best effort."

You move your legs out from under you. You sit straight up on the couch, but you say nothing and continue to look at the floor. You know I'm right.

"Mija, when you were a child you sometimes lost your sense of direction, do you remember? Do you remember what I had to do to get you to start thinking clearly again?"

"Yes, I remember only too well, but I'm not a child anymore! You used to spank me, but I don't think that a spanking will work anymore. After all, I'm in college now! I'm too old to spank!"

"Yes Mija, that's right, I used to put you over my knee and spank that sassy bottom of yours until you realized that you had made a mistake, and you are NOT too old for a spanking now! I think that's just the thing that you need to straighten yourself out!"

"But lita, I love you. I'm trying, really I am. I - I - You can't mean - You can't spank me!"

"Yes Mija. I CAN spank you, and I intend to do just that because I love you. I am so proud of you, but I want you to be proud of yourself too. You can't be happy with your efforts right now. I know you want to do the right thing. I'm going to help you do that, just like I did when you were a child. Now. I want you to go and take a hot bath, then get ready for bed. I'll be in to see you when you're ready."

You stare at me for a second with that wounded helpless look, then you drop your head and stare at the floor. You sit motionless thinking about what I have said, you look so much like you did when you were a child and had gotten yourself into trouble. You always hated getting a spanking, but you know that I am right, you know that a spanking will help you to feel better about yourself. I reach over and gently place your head onto my shoulder. I run my fingers through your hair and rest my hand on your cheek.

"I love you Mija, now go and do as I have asked."

I hear the bath water running, then silence. I wait, knowing that you are soaking up the warmth of the bath and thinking about the spanking that you are about to get. I also know that the realization of the upcoming punishment will make your stomach tighten, I know that your mouth will go dry in anticipation. I know how you are trying to understand your needs, to comes to terms with your life, as it is, and as it should be. Finally, as I hear the water draining from the tub, I know that you are at peace with yourself and with me. I know that you are ready. I see you leave the bathroom and head towards your bedroom. I wait a few minutes then I head towards the bedroom to join you. On my way I stop at my dresser and pick up the large oak hairbrush that has been used so many times for this purpose, to teach you a lesson, to right a wrong. I enter your room, you are lying on your back across the bed staring at the ceiling. You hear me enter and look up at me. A frown comes across your face when you see the hairbrush that you remember so well, and you look like a child about to cry. I sit down next to you on the bed and place my hand on your leg.

"Mija, I'm going to spank you very hard because that's what you need, and that's what you want. I think you'll be feeling this spanking for a long time, maybe even when you choose to sit down at your computer instead of doing your studying. You will feel the soreness and remember the sting. You will know that I love you, and only try to do what's best for you. Are you ready for your punishment?"

"Yes lita."

"Good girl, then I want you to turn over on your stomach, I think you've gotten too big now to go over my knee. That's my girl, now reach down and pull down those pajamas. I want that bottom bare. Come on now, pull them down a little farther than that, I want those thighs exposed too. Now, do you feel like an irresponsible little girl about to get paddled?"

"Yes I do. It's a little embarrassing - maybe I'm too old for this?"

I lay the hairbrush down and move closer to you on the bed. I place my hand on your soft bottom and I feel you tense a little as I gently rub my hand on your back, your bottom and your legs. You feel cold, but I will soon fix that! Very soon your bottom will feel the heat of my hand and then the sting of the hairbrush. Soon the pain will engulf your mind, and you will respond to the message that it gives you. Soon you will be my little girl again.

Without warning I raise my hand and bring it down hard on your right cheek and then the left. You flinch but make no sound. I concentrate the next dozen blows to your sit spot and you react by turning your body away from me. I pull you back to me and hold you tightly with my left arm. I know from experience that my hand serves only to get your attention, that the real work will be done with the hairbrush. I start again with my hand, back and forth on your bottom, saving the top of your thighs for the hairbrush. You begin to get pink, and then red, and I know that it is now time for the real lesson to be taught. I stop for a few minutes and gently caress your sore cheeks. You begin to relax under my touch, your breathing returns to normal.

"Mija, tell me why you're getting this spanking."

"Because you don't think I'm studying hard enough."

That reply costs you a sharp smack that surprises you, and I hear you take a deep breath and then slowly let it out and relax again.

"Do you want to try that answer again Mija?"

"Be - because . . . I don't . . . because I'm not doing my best, because I've disappointed you, I've let you down."

"No young lady, that's not correct! You are getting spanked because you have let YOURSELF down. Don't you see that?"

"Yes lita. You're right. I can do better, I will do better."

"Well, I'm sure you will. But just to make sure, I am going to leave you something to think about. Are you ready for the hairbrush?"

"NO! Please lita, the hairbrush stings so badly. I don't think I can take anymore."

"Nonsense Mija! So far all you've had is a 'little girl' spanking. Now I'm going to give you a 'big girl' spanking! This is going to sting a lot, but I want you to hold still until I'm through. Don't fight me or you will be sorry my girl!"

I pick up the hairbrush with my right hand and again pull you closer to me with my left, holding you tightly. I start with a dozen sharp smacks to your left cheek, then an equal amount on the right cheek. I pause for a moment, then I begin to work on the upper thighs. Slow, deliberate blows to each thigh, pausing each time to let the sting send its message. The hairbrush strikes and leaves its mark until you are squirming and moving with each blow. You grab a pillow and bury your head in it as if to escape from the pain. I continue until your whole bottom and upper thighs are bright red and hot to the touch. I stop and gently rub your sore cheeks.

"Mija? Do you think that you have learned a lesson?"

"Yes lita . . . I will do much better. I promise."

"Two more Mija, these will be very hard so you will remember, so brace yourself."

There is just the slightest hint of a sob in your voice as you take a deep breath, then you melt into the bed, exhausted from the ordeal and the pain. There is a sigh, then you tense and await the final blows.

I raise the hairbrush high and bring it down sharply on the center of your bottom where I know you will feel it for a long time. Once, then twice. Hard, harder than all the rest have been. You wince in pain, but you don't make a sound. I put down the hairbrush and just sit there for a while rubbing your back, calming you down, telling you softly how much I love you, and how proud I am of you. Then I reach down and pull your pajamas back up over your sore thighs and bottom. I give you a light smack on the behind as if to signal that all is right again. I pull you into my arms for a hug. We sit on the bed for a long time, holding onto each other, knowing that we have done what we both wanted, what we both needed.

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