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[Image of Little Miss Splendid] The Birthday[Image of Little Miss Naughty][Image of Mr Impossible]
(A Little Miss Naughty
and Mr Impossible story)

by Randi


Little Miss Naughty opened one sleepy eye to see Mr. Impossible smiling down at her.

"Time to wake up!" he ordered.

"I don't want to," she grumbled, snuggling back down under the covers.

"Oh well, alright," said Mr. Impossible cheerfully. "If you want to stay in bed all day on your birthday..."

Mr. Impossible Sleeping  

Little Miss Naughty jumped up immediately. How could she have forgotten it was her birthday? That was her very favorite day of the whole year!

Mr. Impossible was still standing next to her bed, so she bonked him on the head with her pillow.

"Being naughty already?" he asked, playfully. "Perhaps I'll have to spank you."

"It's my birthday," she protested. "You can't spank me today!"

"No?" inquired Mr. Impossible.

"No!" answered Little Miss Naughty. She was very definite about that.

"What about birthday spanks? You'll have to have those, you know," replied Mr. Impossible, his eyes twinkling.

"Alright," she agreed. "But only my birthday spanks! You promise?"

"I promise!" said Mr. Impossible. "Now please try not to be too naughty today!"


Little Miss Wise Little Miss Naughty

"What time is your birthday party, Little Miss Naughty?" asked her very good friend, Little Miss Wise.

"I don't know," replied Little Miss Naughty. "I don't think I'm having one."

"Not having one?" she demanded. "But you have to have one. Everyone has a birthday party."


"As much as I hate to agree with Little Miss Know-It-All over there," put in Little Miss Sunshine, "she's right. Everyone has a birthday party."

Miss Naughty thought she might cry. Everyone got to have a birthday party except her!

"Why don't you go ask Mr. Impossible?" suggested Little Miss Helpful. "Perhaps he just forgot to tell you about your party."

Little Miss Trouble Little Miss Fun

"That must be it!" exclaimed Little Miss Fun.

"Yes," agreed Little Miss Trouble. "I'm sure Mr. Impossible is making you the best party ever!"

So Little Miss Naughty set off for the house to see if Mr. Impossible had forgotten to tell her about her party.


"Mr. Impossible, what time is my birthday party?"

"You're not having one. Don't you remember? You said you didn't want a party. You said birthday parties are for babies."

Little Miss Naughty tried to remember. Come to think of it, that did sound a tiny bit familiar.

"But I changed my mind. Now I want a party!"

Mr. Impossible Little Miss Naughty

"I'm sorry but it's too late to change your mind. Maybe we can invite Little Miss Sunshine and some of your other friends over for a special birthday supper."

"I don't want a birthday supper! You're so mean!" she whined. "This is going to be the worst birthday ever!"

Mr. Impossible began to think that promising "no spankings on your birthday" was a very bad idea.


Little Miss Naughty went straight back to her friends with the news. They were horrified. How could Mr. Impossible deny a poor, sweet, innocent girl a birthday party?

"Forget about that," suggested Little Miss Fun. "Let's go have fun!"

"No," grumbled Little Miss Naughty. "I don't want to."

"Yes, let's!" said Little Miss Trouble. "We can pass Mr. Busy's office and make faces at him through the window."

Little Misses

"Yes!" exclaimed Little Miss Helpful. "And we can go to Mr. Fussy's store and move around all the things on the shelves. Think how naughty that would be!"

Little Miss Naughty considered. If she couldn't have a party, at least she could be naughty.

Little Miss Wise didn't think it was a good idea. "What if Mr. Impossible catches you? He'll spank you!"

"No," replied Little Miss Naughty, "Mr. Impossible promised that he won't give me any spankings today except my birthday spanking. And that's just a few spanks!"

The Little Misses were very impressed indeed. They could not remember there ever having been a day when Little Miss Naughty did not earn at least half a dozen spankings.

"But what about tomorrow?" asked Little Miss Wise. "Tomorrow won't be your birthday anymore."

"Oh, he couldn't spank me tomorrow for being naughty today," answered Little Miss Naughty positively. "That just wouldn't be right."

"Oh, shut up and stop being such a spoilsport!" exclaimed Little Miss Sunshine. "Let's go!"


Little Miss Naughty Little Miss Trouble

So Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Trouble made faces at Mr. Busy through his window. Mr. Busy got so mad!

"If I wasn't so busy," he shouted, "I'd give you and your friend a good strapping, Little Miss Naughty!" He slammed the window shut.

Mr. Busy


Mr. Fussy

Poor Mr. Fussy found the shelves in his store rearranged by Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Helpful, and Little Miss Fun. They put all the top things on the bottom shelves and all the bottom things on the tops.

Little MIss Fun Little Miss Naughty Little Miss Helpful

Mr. Fussy tried to make them help switch it all back, but they just giggled and ran away. "I'd like to switch their bottom shelves," he muttered to himself.

It was a wonderfully naughty day! They even convinced Little Miss Wise to mess up Mr. Perfect's perfect hair!


But the last straw came when Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Sunshine decided to run away with Mr. Clever's chess set right in the middle of a game with Mr. Grumbles.

Little Miss Sunshine stolen chessboard Little Miss Naughty

"Come back here, Miss Naughty! I know this was all your doing," shouted Mr. Grumbles. "You deserve a good paddling, you naughty girl!"

Mr. Grumble Mr. Clever

"You can't spank her," called back Little Miss Sunshine, sticking her tongue out, "It's her birthday!"

"Well it isn't your birthday, Miss," warned Mr. Clever, "so you'd better watch your step!"

Little Miss Sunshine ran very quickly then.


Mr. Clever on the phone

Finally Mr. Clever - who was very like his name - had an idea. He called Mr. Impossible on the phone.

You can't break your promise," said Mr Clever, "but I know a way for Little Miss Naughty to get exactly what she deserves."

Mr. Impossible liked Mr. Clever's idea very much, and quickly began to spread the word.

Mr. Impossible on the phone


Little Miss Naughty By the time Little Miss Naughty got home, she had almost forgotten about the birthday party. But she was in for a big surprise.

"I changed my mind," said Mr. Impossible. "You were right. You definitely should have a birthday party."

"Oh! Oh!" cried Little Miss Naughty, clapping her hands. "Thank you so much!"

"It was almost impossible to arrange in such a short time," he said, with a knowing smile.

"Oh, Mr. Impossible, this is turning out to be the best birthday ever!"

"And you can have your birthday spanks at the party," explained Mr. Impossible. "In fact, it will be a special birthday spanking party. The perfect end to a very naughty day."

"A spanking party?" asked Little Miss Naughty nervously. "But you promised...."

"Yes, I know," interrupted Mr. Impossible. "You only get birthday spanks today. But everyone else wants to give you your birthday spankings too!"

The Birthday Party


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