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With just a little dramatic licence in some cases, these are true accounts of incidents and experiences in our play and our relationship. It's a real mixed bag, from the wilfully frivolous to the intense and meaningful. There are also some collaborative (not to mention wildly conflicting!) accounts of fun time spent with good friends of ours. These pieces were first posted to the Usenet newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.

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Stung (February 2005)
by Mija
P: Some library fines accrue, and so do the cane-strokes.

Days by the Seaside, or 'Twice When Mija Was Almost Good All Day Long' (January 2003)
by Mija and Pablo
M: I'm not sure what to say about this. It's true, really, all of it. I hope it's fun for you to read. And if you were part of the family in question, well, I'm sooooo sorry! Really!
P: I'm not sorry. I'm sure we didn't cause any emotional scars that won't be curable with a few years of therapy.

Pigtails and Cowboy Hats (Part 1/2 & Part 2/2) (April 2002)
by Pablo
P: A long, rambling journal of my first spanking party of any size - the February 2002 Shadow Lane, in Los Angeles. I was trying to describe the experience as fully and honestly as I could.

What I'm going to do to Mija (July 2001)
by Pablo
P: I wrote and posted this for Mija's birthday. The funny thing is that while I was obviously telling people about all the mean things I'm going to do to Mija when we finally get together, everyone thought it was just romantic. Sheesh. Some people!
M: Wow . . . that was my reaction when I read this post - and still more surprise when I found it posted to the newsgroup. This is a deeply personal and wonderful gift. A friend, finding out I was feeling insecure, suggested I re-read this at regular intervals. She's a smart brat, that one. But isn't Pablo mean? And don't I love him just so, because?

Saved by the Bell (June 2001)
by Mija and MollyB
M: The always lovely MollyB came to visit me. She was way cute and I just couldn't resist giving her a whacking. Sometimes spanking is serious, sometimes it's just fun. And sometimes a friend calls at just the right moment. . .

Mija Gets Punished (March 2000)
by Mija
M: This is a true-to-life account of my most recent punishment. Putting it up here is kinda embarrassing, but since it also says a lot about how things are between Pablo and me it somehow seems important.
P: It's hard to explain, but punishing Mija like this was both very difficult and incredibly easy. Easy, I think, because it just felt very right between us. Read Mija's account and see if that makes any sense.

Sleepover (February 2000)
by Mija
M: This isn't the best of the RL accounts, but it was among the best times I've had visiting overnight at a friend's. Poor Tasha Geller and me are just girls who wanna have fun when stern Mr. Geller comes home and decides to call us onto the carpet.
P: Having seen them together, I can attest to the fact that Tasha and Mija are good for each other, but also trouble waiting to happen. It's a good thing that Mr. Geller has a firm hand.



Mija's New Saddle Shoes (September 1999)
by Mija
M: Not a lot of spanking in this one. But a real-life account of a very important purchase in my small world.
P: They're the cutest saddle shoes, too, and couldn't be more 'Mija', you know?

Mija's Sound Sunday Thrashing (July 1999)
by Mija
M: A real-life account of a discipline scene between Pablo and Mija. I think of this as a transitional piece reflecting how our relationship had changed and offering overtones of its further evolution.
P: This happened during the summer of '99, which Mija and I spent together. It gave us the chance to settle into routines and feel much more at home together than I think we'd been able to before. Think of this as a kind of echo of how things will be between us.

The Streets (and Hotel Rooms) of San Francisco (February 1999)
by MollyB, Mija and Pablo
M: MollyB meets up with Pablo and Mija and shows who's really the brattiest of them all. Another humorous real life account.
P: I'm hoping that you're not referring to the water-down-the-pants routine as 'humorous' here. What could possibly be humorous about that?

Pablo Gets Spanked (January 1999)
by Pablo
M: And about darn time too!
P: Yeah, I know, you think it ought to happen all the time, but this was my first real bottoming experience, after way too many years. It was both intense and enlightening, and this is my attempt to recreate the scene.

The Wild, Wild West (or How Mija & Pablo Met Randi in the Desert) (June 1998)
by Randi, Mija and Pablo
M: A fun-filled romp through the streets of 'Rawhide'. Lots of laughter and leather. What more could you want of a real-life spanking account? (Tho anything bratty that happened was clearly Randi's fault.)
P: Hey, there's French toast too! Don't forget the French toast!

A Difficult Good-Bye (May 1998)
by Mija
P: This is Mija's account of our leaving at the end of our first visit together. It was every bit as hard as it sounds.
M: It was hard. And this account was written in the hope of melting Pablo's chilly heart and bringing him back to me. <sniffle>

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Mija: Summer 2000. I was a Newsguy feature writer for its short-lived column on spanking called 'Notes From the Naughty'. Sadly they did away with their adult section after only two months. These are of varying quality, but you're welcome to draw your own conclusions.

It was kewl being paid to write about spanking, at least while it lasted.

Notes from the Naughty

Details (July 2000)
by Mija
M: A more introspective piece about fetish. Or it could be read as a scene report on a caning. Or on uniforms and school scenes. Or whatever. I like this one and so hope you do too. It was my last bit of paid writing.

Playing it Safe (June 2000)
by Mija
M: My contribution to the basic rules on how to keep yourself safe moving from on-line to real life. It lacks humor and is terribly earnest, but there's some grains of good advice there.


Flea Market Pervertables (June 2000)
by Mija
M: This is my favorite of the the columns - it was the tone and content I'd really always intended to write. Talking about this fetish it can be waaaay too easy to take ourselves too seriously.

A Fetish, the Internet and Me (May 2000)
by Mija
M: The first and decidedly the worst of the pieces. I feel embarrassed re-reading this. I felt uncomfortable and it shows. Honestly, I really am made of wood, but someday I hope to become a Real Brat.

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