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[Posted to soc.sexuality.spanking, 2 January 2003]

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[Image of Mr Impossible][Image of Little Miss Naughty]Days by the Seaside, or
'Twice When Mija Was Almost Good All Day Long'
by Mija & [Pablo]

Sorry for doing the Christmas season disappearing act. It's so hard to post and shop and do all the things we must do.

But I hope everyone had a happy holiday. :)

Okay, so before we had to go up to visit Mija's parents and participate in fun-filled family cheer (pity poor Pab!) . . .

[Oh, not so much pity is needed. It was wet and cold outside, but warm and cosy inside, and it was great to see Mija's family for the first time in ages. The best things about their new house? It's very near to a railway line, and I loved the mournful hooting of the freight trains as they pass. It reminded me of the sounds of trains in the night from when I was a kid. Also - though we didn't get to see any - apparently deer wander into the garden from time to time. Mija's parents like that a lot, and don't want to shoot them** or anything similarly icky.]

(**A note from Mija: Apparently my mother is buying plants to stick in the ground so they keep coming back to nibble. I suspect the neighbors think my parents are a tad odd. <grins>)

. . . Pablo had the wonderful idea of taking me to Avalon (that's the main town on Catalina) for two and a half days of rest and relaxation.

[A tiny note on geography: Catalina is the largest of the 'Channel Islands' off the coast of Southern California. It only takes about an hour to get there by boat from LA, but it feels completely different - particularly at this time of year. Very quiet and restful and almost Mediterranean.]

Now, leaving aside us missing our first ferry because of us not packing until the last minute plus some tiny confusion over directions, not to mention nearly running out of gas, we made it over to the island safe and sound. Keeping in mind that Pablo was paying and that we wanted a room with an ocean view, I'd booked us into the cheapest hotel with a bath on the island. I figured, it's on Catalina, how bad could it be?

This isn't a hotel review, but, um, it was bad.

[Albeit bad in a very strange and quirky and almost Fawlty Towers-ish way. The people running it seemed to have no idea about running a hotel, most of the power didn't work, the lock on the room they gave us didn't lock. And so on. A place to tell stories about later, but not to actually sleep in.]

So I woke up the next morning with a few bites (and that's not Pablo's kink so they weren't from him neither). I'm not naming names or anything (but if you're ever in Avalon, don't stay at The Catherine Hotel!). It was all too much and I turned into Princess Mija and declared I couldn't couldn't couldn't stand staying here another night and could Pablo please please please save us? I also swore to be the best girl ever. And I meant it too. Really.

I suspect Pab could have handled another night there (but for the whining), however, ever the gentleman he took me to breakfast and then hunted with me for the inn I'd really wanted to stay at, but had turned down in favor of the cheaper place.

[I could have handled another night, but was more than glad to find another place. We'd gone over there for R&R, and the Catherine wasn't the place for that.]

Before noon we were out of the icky place and into a a lovely new one. :) I was thrilled, even before I discovered the new place had a huge tub!

[Well, yes, though the tub was a priority here. Since we named the icky hotel, we should give the P&M seal of approval to this one, which was the Snug Harbour Inn. Somewhere we'd definitely recommend. It only has six rooms/suites, and they have names, rather than numbers. Here's the actual room we stayed in:

A shame it doesn't show the tub, which was indeed great.]

And then we were off to play mini-golf -- which I very nearly won.

[Ahem. Very nearly won with me carrying a 10-stroke handicap.]

(In case you didn't know, Avalon has the kewlest mini-golf place. It isn't fake or cute or anything, just lovely and fun and full of trees and animals.)

[It's a great little course. None of that twee windmill and bridge stuff. It's all concrete moulded into clever shapes and multiple levels. Serious mini-golf - though anything competitive between Mija and me is serious.]

The whole rest of the day was like that, full of things I really wanted to do and Pablo being totally kewl about making sure they happened -- even finding Christmas carols for me to sing along with on the radio and hunting down vanilla scented candles for the epic bath I was planning in the lovely tub (which had jacuzzi jets - totally awesome bubbles!!).

[The candles were a great discovery. We'd hunted everywhere for the right candles for the bathtime ritual (me gently pointing out how much this is a girl thing), and hadn't found them. Then, I spotted a pack of three vanilla-scented (Mija's favourite) ones in sparkly holders in a gift shop section for reduced stuff. Written on the three were the words 'Princess', 'Angel', and 'Diva', which seemed apt also.]

This is probably getting a little dull, but Pablo being so good to me is really important to understanding all of this. And he was -- even washing my hair and talking with me so I didn't get lonely in the tub and could stay in even longer!!

Anyway, after I was in my PJs and we were starting to get ready for bed, I'd gathered up the tray and glasses (the inn served us wine and cheese -- mmm!) and was going to put them outside. I tell you, I was glowing, I was such a clean and good girl, at peace with the world. Pablo noticed I was all dressed for bed and didn't want me going out . . . so he did! And as the door shut behind him, the bliss broke like a soap bubble -- and I turned the lock and shut him out.

[Part of me always expects something like this, though this time I was genuinely surprised. I waited patiently for Mija to open the door again. And waited. (Fortunately she did this while I was still dressed.)]

I didn't even think before I did it, honest! I was going to unlock it as soon as he knocked. But he didn't. And I went to look and see what he was doing (and see if any steam was coming out of his ears) but the peek hole had been put up too high on the door for me (or any other normal sized people) to see out. And so, I sort of panicked and went to the bathroom and washed my face and teeth so I'd have time to think.

[Meanwhile, I'd covered up the peep-hole on my side, so that at least Mija couldn't watch me standing there like a lemon. I wasn't about to knock, though. I could wait as long as she could.]

When I thought, the best thing seemed to be to let Pab come back in the room (okay, like duh) and apologize. Which I did. And really meant it. Pablo didn't say anything really, but sent me to the bathroom to finish all that stuff.

I brushed my teeth really well and a bit slowly. It seemed like a very bratty way to end a really nice day and I did feel terrible. When I came back into the room, Pablo led me (by the ear!) into the corner where I had to kneel while he did all his night time stuff. I could hear him in the bathroom, but I didn't turn around or anything. I was sorry plus I didn't want to make things any worse.

[Usually I watch Mija pretty closely when she's in the corner - it's not something that's easy for her, and I both want to make it easier and also to see if she turns. This time, I trusted that she'd stay where I'd left her, and was glad to feel sure that she had.]

Pab came back into the room and came over and took me by the ear (again!) and pulled me out of the corner. When I turned, I could see that there was a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed. I felt really ashamed of myself that the day was going to end this way. Pablo asked me what I'd been thinking about. I didn't have an answer, except to say I didn't know, that I wasn't thinking. He asked me if I'd had a good day and I told him it was the best and I was really really sorry. He helped me kneel up on the bed and over the pillows and then pulled down my PJs and knickers (um, I've been wearing school knickers while he's been here, but that's another story).

[I wasn't angry. I was puzzled about why it had happened, and wanted to know. It felt pretty clear to me that Mija's impulse had led her to do something she felt bad about, and that needed to be dealt with. It was a good way to relieve a lot of stresses, too, and that was one of the reasons we were in Catalina at all.]

The pillows were very thick and I felt really small kneeling over them. I heard his belt unfasten and I started crying. Not just a little, but really shaky sorts of sobs. He pulled my hair out of my face and asked me if I was afraid. I nodded because I was (Pablo's belt hurts a lot) but choked out that I was really really sorry and didn't want a spanking -- not just because I was scared but because a strapping seemed like such a terrible way to end such a happy day.

[Well, not entirely terrible. At the time it can seem like it, but after there's always a sense of peace that makes it feel like the best thing.]

Pablo hugged me and told me it would be okay, and then told me that if I was really sorry, what I could do was take the belting he was going to give me without struggling or moving out of position. I said "okay" (well, really I said "yes sir," but don't tell anyone!) and then stretched my arms and grabbed the edge of the bed.

I don't remember much of the strapping except that it hurt so much. There was one moment when I really wanted to roll off the pillows so Pab'd have to stop so I could get back in position. But I really did want him to know I was sorry and so I sobbed a bit more and told myself to just think of one more.

[Mija was very good all the way through. It was clear that the moment of brattiness had been just a thoughtless impulse, regretted immediately.]

Finally, it was over. Pablo forgave me and I knew he knew I was really really sorry to have been so spoilt and bratty at the end of such a wonderful day.

[And we both slept really well - until about 8 the next morning, when we were brought breakfast in our room. Yum.]

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A Week or So Later. . . .

After we got back from seeing my parents and grandparents and brother and doing all that Christmas stuff, Pablo and I wanted a quiet day. He suggested going out for food (always a Good Thing and much more fun than cooking) and then going down to the ocean and looking for beach glass (something I really love doing!). I thought these were great ideas.

The only catch (if one considers it such) was that I needed to wear my black pleated uniform skirt, white shirt, green v-neck sweater and green knee socks. There wasn't a tie, but he had brought it with him in case he needed it. He was wearing a tee-shirt, but British people sometimes have odd fashion sense (like tennis shoes with colored socks!).

Now, I'd gotten a very kewl orange squirt gun for Christmas (Santa knowing what a good girl I can be!) and I brought it, with Pablo's blessing, to keep us safe from the seagulls who otherwise can really scare me.

[This was the rule for that day. Squirting seagulls: okay. Squirting me: not okay. Squirting other people: depends on whether they deserve it or not.]

It was quiet and I didn't need to scare any of them. There also weren't very many people and I was glad of that because there weren't very many people to stare at my bare feet and (otherwise) strict uniform.

[It was starting to get dark by the time we arrived at the beach. This meant that we got the beach almost to ourselves, and caught a really nice Pacific sunset, but it also meant that the sand was quite cold, and that we couldn't stay too long.]

Anyway, we went down near the water and walked until just past sunset. By then the already quiet beach was getting very cool and almost everyone had gone home. We went back to the car and put on our shoes. Or Pablo did anyway. I was de-sanding my feet before I put the socks back on when suddenly my squirt gun shot the small of Pablo's back.

[The target for this, I believe, was a small patch of bare skin between the bottom of my tee-shirt and the top of my jeans, which presented itself as I bent over to lace up my shoes. (It's a place where I have a little hairy patch - Mija says it's where I used to have a tail, that was cruelly removed at some point in infancy.) It was, apparently, irresistible.]

Um, just so you know, I expected to get in trouble for this. But being scolded or maybe swatted at home seemed worth it -- the small of his back was a nice target to make damp. So I wasn't surprised when Pablo called me over to his side of the car and scolded me. I tried to sound sorry, but must not have sounded quite sorry enough.

[At this point, I took a while to be sure that we were alone - at least that no-one was close enough to us to see or hear very much. Granted, rush-hour cars were streaming along the Pacific Coast Highway in both directions about 50 yards away, but it was dark and the car was facing away from the road.]

In order to make some sort of point, Pablo walked with me (by the ear? Not sure!) to my side of the car, and sat down. I couldn't believe he would spank me here in a parking lot at the edge of Malibu.

[I can't believe that she couldn't believe it. I've spanked Mija in places no less public, and far better lit than this.]

Just as I was about to explain why he couldn't do that, he took my hands and pulled me over his knees. This meant my face was very close to the gear shift.

I was hardly breathing, I soooo couldn't believe what was happening. I imagined being "saved" by a lifeguard and thought of how embarrassing it would be to explain why Pab was spanking me. But then he pulled up my pleated skirt -- the air was really cold on my legs -- and Pab began whacking the seat of my knickers really hard (and loud) and fast.

[This was never going to be a long spanking. Just something stinging and embarrassing to remember as we drove home. So, it needed to be hard and fast, and it was. The cold probably made it sting more, too.]

I kicked, but it was totally impossible to get away. I whimpered and whined and complained it was public here until the whacks hurt way too much for me to say anything but "sorry" and "I really really promise to be good". Sadly this wasn't the first -- or last -- spanking of the day.

It seemed to take forever because it was hard but was really over pretty quickly I think. Pablo stopped and I got up quick, scowling at him and rubbing my bottom under my skirt as he got out. Then I turned around, planning to lean against the car (cool metal, warm bottom) and pout until he said he was sorry.

That was when I saw them. A whole entire family of like 6 people plus dog walking toward the car. I leapt into my seat, killed the overhead light and hid under the dashboard. They passed and got in the only other car parked in the lot.

[I'm probably a very bad person, because I was convulsed with giggling at this point. I've no idea where they'd appeared from - there'd been no-one at all in that direction when I'd started, and the spanking hadn't taken more than about 30 seconds. Still, here they were - at least three generations, including (it seemed) grandmother and teenage son (walking dog) - about 20 yards away, walking right towards us along the path, in the direction of the passenger seat, where we were sitting and/or draped OTK. I watched them pass, trying to keep a straight face. They must have seen pretty much everything. But not one of them so much as made eye contact with me. I watched them walk to their car, then got in ours beside Mija.]

I was in tears already, and my embarrassment must have turned me purple.

[Still a very bad person, I reassured Mija while trying to keep from giggling. They wouldn't recognize you if you were standing right in front of them, I said. This didn't seem to help. They didn't even see your face, I said. Just your bottom. Strangely, this didn't seem to help either.]

But even then, Pablo didn't apologize. {{scowls}} Isn't he mean?

[Maybe I'd have felt bad if I'd wanted them to see, or hadn't tried to be sure that no-one was around, but neither of those was the case. To Mija's groans of dismay, our car drew alongside theirs as we left the car park and began to drive back to LA. I wondered aloud what they were finding to talk about. Looking across, not one of them looked back. I drove us home.]

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