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[Posted to soc.sexuality.spanking, 4 June 2001]

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[Image of Little Miss Sunshine][Image of Little Miss Naughty]Saved by the Bell
by Mija & {MollyB}

Okay, so that's sort of a forced line, but it really was said, though not by me.

But wait, to understand this post, you need a little background.

MollyB is visiting me in my university/prison because she's just so nice. At least that's how she seems.

{It's all a front really.}

Anyway, most people know Molly and me as bottoms, which is mostly true. However, not all of you yet know how very spankable MollyB is. So spankable that even I like to whack her. This doesn't make me a switch, but rather just is evidence that I'm breathing. Not that I have anything against human-type switches. Some of my favorite spankos are switches. Yeah yeah whatever.

Anyway, we did the ritual laying of the implements - because, well, who wouldn't? We'd discarded some canes, the hairbrush paddle and a mutant loopy johnny (too floopy). I'd settled Miss B over my lap on the bed and we had at least an hour before we were due to meet a friend for a trip to the Mystery Bookstore and lunch.

{Pause to note that in this hour, I was planning on giving Mija a darn good spanking as soon as she was done whacking me. "My name is MollyB, and I am a pervert."}

Okay, so I was whacking away with my hand, and Miss Molly was turning that lovely carnation pink that I like so well, when the phone rang.


Why didn't I ignore it, you ask? Well, that's because the friend we were meeting said she might call to confirm. So I answered. Molly was very naughty and moved out of position, as though my friend could see her. Anyway, it was a short call and then we continued, this time with a red leather Shadow Lane paddle.

Okay, I don't think I was really hurting her as despite her cute whining she was giggling at me. And also wiggled her bottom in a most becoming way. Plus, when I tried to give her a break and use her infamous fuzzy paddle her tone of "ouch ouch, it's like you're using a paper towel tube" did not make me feel like much of a sadist.

But suddenly, I really wanted to hurt her. Which, I suspect, is not an uncommon reaction.

So I picked up her new Shadow Lane wooden hairbrush. And started whacking with that. With very little effort on my part she went from pinky to reddish (these are scientific names, of course).

She started wiggling in earnest and I was just getting into it when the phone rang again. The debate in my head was whether or not to answer it, when Miss B announced "saved by the bell" and grabbed the phone and passed it to me. We both assumed it was my friend calling me back.

{ok, so in times like that, I resort to clichés. What can I say? Cast the first paddle if you wouldn't have said exactly the same thing.}

However, given that pervs of a feather flock together, it ended up being Simon, calling very nicely for a Saturday chat.

Now, this was the dilemma. Obviously I couldn't talk, I mean, I could, but Molly was bare, red and over my lap. So I proceeded to put on my best, Very Busy Grad Student voice and tell Simon I couldn't talk - that I was occupied - all of which was true I might add.

Simon might not have suspected anything, except that this whole situation seemed comic to Miss Molly, who was giggling like mad over my lap. It occurred to me that perhaps Simon would be interested in the situation, but Molly's naughty bottom called.

{I am quite sure that Mija is mistaken and that no one could possibly be interested in hearing about what we were up to - and certainly no one would have wanted us to lay the phone down nearby and continue. And yes, I did find the situation just a teensy bit amusing, but I also giggle when I find myself over Mija's lap, getting whacked.}

<looking above> Yeah, certainly there aren't men with fantasies about two kewl chyks hanging out in their PJs and spanking each other. Well, maybe there are, but surely not here.

{And we'd certainly fit those fantasies - if they existed, which, of course, they don't.}

I will say that the Shadow Lane brush was very capable of turning the giggles into ouches and even left a red mark (!!!).

{She says this as if the brush did this by itself. Let me tell you it had quite a bit of energetic, vigorous, and proficient assistance from Mija.}

Also I timed this really well so she barely had a chance to lay a hand on me. I figure if I keep her uncomfortably full of high-fiber treats I'm not going to get whacked at all.

{"Timed this really well?" Indeed. For that day anyway. But the visit isn't over yet, and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to picking up where I left off and getting my hands back on Mija's adorable bottom. This has only given me additional time to plan some special treats for Mija that involve no fiber at all. <evil laugh>}

This is a good visit all around so far. Pablo said that Molly can stay and live with us. That would be ideal really.

Oh, and Simon? Sorry about the call. Maybe next time. <veg>



New answering machine message: Molly and Mija are unable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message and we'll call back when one of us isn't busy spanking the other and doing other mean things. Oh, and suggestions about taking your call and letting you listen will be ignored. Though we do have friends who -- <Beeep!> --

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