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[Posted to soc.sexuality.spanking, 25 February 2000]

When Pablo and I visited New York this past fall (yes, I know this is late, but you should see how late my work generally is) I got to visit with Tasha and her daddy. Tasha has been one of my closest friends on ASS/SSS since I delurked over some three years ago now. In ASSville Tasha and I have always lived just down the street from each other. The bed and breakfast Pab and I stayed at when we visited NYC made that possible there too....

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[Image of Little Miss Naughty]Sleepover
by Mija

This past fall when I was 13 my guardian agreed to let me stay over at the Gellers' with Tasha and her daddy on the understanding I'd be well-behaved. And I was too, mostly. Tasha was good too. We wore our plaid pleated uniforms (mine from my school where me and my guardian live and hers from her school in the city) and our white shirts and socks and saddle shoes. So you could even tell from the way we were dressed what good girls we were.

But the fuss that gets made over one simple misunderstanding! I mean really. Tasha's daddy is just totally old-fashioned and nothing at all like her own kewl self. I just don't even know how she stands it. Though I guess he loves her lots and lots and stuff.

An-nyway, like I was saying, we were really good mostly. But then on the way to school (yeah, I like had to go to Tasha's school even though it wasn't my school at all - and wear my own school uniform), we realized that there was nothing going on at school at all. And so, we thought, why bother going? I mean, we didn't want to, and it would have just distracted the kids that wanted to be there. And being sick and tired of school is almost the same as having a doctor's appointment if you think about it just right.

So anyway, we went to the mall. Because what else could we do all day since the housekeeper would have wondered why we'd come home early? And you can wander around the mall all day. Which we did. All day.

Well, you know, when you go into and out of shops all day, you're bound to see stuff you want. And we did. I forget everything, but we picked up some way kewl lipstick that looks green but turns pink when it's on. And a CD Tasha wanted. And a stuffed animal. And maybe a few other things. Really the bare necessities of life.

Just because people don't save every little scrap of paper that the stores give them doesn't prove they stole anything. But try convincing Tasha's daddy of that. (I forget how he knew we didn't go to school. Oh, and that we'd given the school a note saying we needed to go to the doctor's. Did I mention that part?)

So, like I said, Tasha's daddy was just totally upset and waiting <gulp> for us when we got home. I was like so totally surprised when I saw him. Because maybe he thought we'd be at school, but we totally thought he'd be at work.

Anyway, we had to sit in front of him on the bed while he questioned us like criminals. I was so so so scared I grabbed my bear. And then he didn't like the answers or something but the next thing I know Tasha is over his lap and getting whacked totally hard. With her panties down. And she's trying to explain still and he just keeps right on spanking. Her bottom started turning pink and I know she was embarrassed and so was I. And nervous too though I knew he wouldn't spank me.

Then, horrors! Tasha was sent to the corner and I ended up over Mr. Geller's lap. And lemme tell ya, his hand is way hard. I kept looking back thinking he must be using a paddle. But he wasn't. Ouchie!

Then we got questioned again. Tasha tried to be brave and I'd hidden the shopping bag under the bed. Not because it was stolen or anything, but just because, well, I thought it would be better not to flash the proof that we'd been at the mall. But anyway, we hadda give it up. And then he started pulling stuff from the bag and accused us of stealing it!!! Can you even imagine???? Us!!??

He went through the bag item by item as I tried to explain that my guardian had left money for us. But he didn't believe us and finally we sorta had to admit that we sorta hadn't actually bought the stuff.

Anyway, the next thing I know we're bent over the bed getting whacked with the paddle. I could hear Mr. Geller scolding Tasha and feel the bed vibrate with the whacks she got. They were really loud and I felt all scared and I could hear Tasha making sad noises into the quilt. So I reached out and took her hand. And then it was me getting whacked and boy-o-boy did that paddle hurt! And then we got caned too! But it all hurt a little less because she had hold of my hand and gave it little friendly squeezes even when the cane was hitting her hard. So I was brave too.

After that was over, Mr. Geller wanted me to admit that I'd done something wrong. Now you'd think, with my bottom all sore and spanked I'd be eager to admit to anything. But I wanted Tasha to know how brave I was so I wouldn't couldn't say. And so I got caned again and again...hard too!

Finally Mr. Geller had me sit in front of him and started lecturing me. I'm not at all sure what I did or said, but he said I was being really disrespectful and that he was gonna cane my hands! I was scared, but put my hands up in a sorta 'who cares?' kinda way. And then he brought the cane down across my right palm. And then my left. And again. Now, Pablo has whacked my hands with a ruler before and it hurt enough that I cried. But nothing has ever hurt as much as it did when that cane came across my palms. Yowsers! Lemme tell ya I could suddenly tell him everything he wanted to hear.

So then he gave me a hug and so did Tasha. And we sat on the bed and promised to be good for the rest of my visit. Which, even though Tasha's daddy is way too strict, was way too short. I hope, if I didn't cause too much trouble, I get to come back soonest!!!

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