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[Posted to soc.sexuality.spanking, 28 July 2001]

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[Image of Mr Impossible]What I'm going to do to Mija
by Pablo

Someone asked if Mija would be getting a birthday spanking this year. Unfortunately, not. At least not today. But soon.

Because later this year, I'm going to be moving to live with Mija, after way too long apart, caused mostly by my taking forever to finish my PhD. But it's nearly done now.

Being apart for so long has been hard, and is as hard just now as it's ever been, but we both realise how lucky we've been, and how lucky we are. It's still hard, though. It's harder for Mija than for me, I'm sure, because I at least have some control over what's keeping us apart.

She's been amazingly wonderful and patient about that, and I'd like to publicly say thank you to her for that patience, and say that I'm sorry for keeping us both waiting. My fault, sweetie.

So, in celebration of the fact that this is the last time we won't be together for Mija's birthday, I thought I'd describe how I'm going to reward Mija for being so patient, and exactly what I'm going to do to her. Starting in a few months' time. And then lasting forever.

I'm going to put Mija over my knee and spank her. Hard. On her bare bottom. Like the naughty little girl she is. I'm going to hold her tight while she kicks and squirms. I'm going to take her knickers down, so that they bind her legs together, and then I'm going to smack her thighs bright red.

She's going to be taken by the ear to the corner - her corner - where she'll stand, her bright red bottom on display, whilst I pin up her pleated skirt. She'll stand very still and quiet, with her nose pushed right into the corner, and her hands behind her back, until I say she can come out. If she whines, or fidgets, or does anything other than exactly what I've told her, I'm going to ruler her palms and the backs of her thighs and calves, until she can behave properly.

I'm going to tie her securely across the traditional wooden school desk that I'm going to buy for her, with her bottom bare, knickers at her knees, and then I'm going to cane her so hard she can't sit. She'll feel the marks for days, and I'll still be able to see them for weeks.

I'm going to stripe her bottom with the tawse I already have, and the heavy tawse that I'm going to buy to use on her. The stripes will extend down her thighs, so that when I take her out in her school uniforms, people will be able to see that she's been a bad girl and that she had to be punished.

I'm going to make a pile of pillows on our bed, put her naked across the pillows, tie her hands together and to the bed, put her ankles into a spreader bar that will make sure she keeps her legs apart for me. Then I'm going to take off my leather belt - the one I bought to thrash her with. And then I'm going to thrash her with it until my arm is exhausted, and she has no tears left.

When she's a naughty girl, I'm going to discipline her with one of the heavy, wooden-backed hairbrushes that we have. She'll be spanked hard and fast, just like naughty girls deserve. She'll cry, and I'll keep on spanking until she's been properly dealt with.

I'm going to give Mija regular enemas, to make sure that she's all clean inside and out. She'll hold them as long as I tell her to, so that they have full effect. I'll run a bath for her after, and I'll wash her hair and scrub her back. Then, after she's all clean, I'm going to put a plug inside her bottom, so that she feels all full. I'll then put her - still naked - across my lap on the bed, and ping-pong paddle her bottom and thighs until she's all sore and hot.

I'm going to give Mija a bedtime spanking every night. If she's been a good girl, it'll be a warm and squirmy good-girl spanking. If she's been a naughty girl, she'll be walloped soundly with the hairbrush, or with my heavy hairbrush paddle, and then spend some quiet time sitting in the corner on the stool that I'm going to put there. Whether Mija has been good or naughty, I'm going to read her a bedtime story before we go to sleep.

I'm going to take Mija to buy school uniforms for her to wear, and I'm going to put her into them. She'll be a very strictly uniformed girl, in knee socks, ankle socks, thick school knickers, kilts and pleated skirts, gymslips, stiff-collared regulation shirts and school ties, trimmed blazers and beribboned boater hats. She'll wear uniform to do her schoolwork, and I'll inspect her uniform before she starts.

One of the uniforms that I'm going to buy for Mija will be that of a British schoolboy, with short pants. When she's wearing that uniform, I'll hand-spank and slipper her with her pants down, and I'll expect her to be a brave boy.

I'm going to punish Mija when she misbehaves, and discipline her regularly even when she doesn't. There'll be simple, clear rules that keep her life structured and together. I'm going to expect that the rules will be obeyed.

I'm going to hold Mija, to kiss her and squeeze her, to trace my fingers through her hair, across all of her body, because none of it is secret. I'm going to squeeze her nipples, run my fingernails roughly across the welts on her bottom.

Didn't you realise how mean I am?

I'm going to look after Mija. I'm going to keep her safe. I'm going to love her.

And that's it. That's what I'm going to do to Mija. And I'm going to post this to soc.sexuality.spanking so that everyone knows.

Happy birthday, love.


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