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Hey, you found the storeroom where we keep all the signs we've used on the front of the treehouse! Feel free to have a poke around, but please take care of them and don't mix them up. We might need some of them again, you know?

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Le calmar qui rire
December 30, 2004
We ended 2004 by getting married. Just thought you might like to know.


Le calmar qui rire
December 4, 2004

To mark our move to a new ISP.


Spankos 4 Kerry
October 7, 2004

Not that Big John and Medium John will need our help, but it can't hurt.


Femina liberorum, ave

January 5, 2004
So long, Michele. We'll miss you.


P loves M loves P

February 13, 2003
An old sign that we've brought out again for Valentine's Day. Everyone needs hearts and flowers from time to time.


Me like pie!!

January 3, 2003
Well, who doesn't, but we're also extremely fond of this silly and odd site:

Weebl & Bob


No skul 2Day

June 12, 2002
For a graduate student, there's always skul 2day.


We're back!

November 20, 2001
We've been away for a while, as we're sure many of you noticed (and if not, why not, hmm?), due to switching web-hosts and various other complications, but we're most definitely back!


Lakers Rock!!!

July 10, 2001
Mija made this sign, outside of traditional Treehouse colours, to celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team winning the NBA championship the second year running. Goooo Lakers!!! (oh and also because yellow and purple look really good together).




Daisy Daisy...

February 28, 2001
In celebration of the significance of the year, and in memory of the late SK.


Merry Christmas!

December 12, 2000
Best wishes for the season, whatever you happen to call it!


Olympic rings

October 1, 2000
In celebration of the Sydney Olympics, which were uniformly great. It's a little-known fact, but Pablo & Mija's Treehouse is the official spanking web-site of the gap between the Sydney 2000 games and the Athens 2004 games. (Waiting for the IOC lawyers to call. . . .)



August 16, 2000
You can figure this one out yourselves.


Happy Birthday Mija!

July 28, 2000
A really big sign for Mija's birthday on the 28th. It was almost too heavy to fit on the tree, but Pablo tied lots of helium-filled balloons to it, and they helped.


iMac lives!

July 16, 2000
This sign is in celebration of the resurrection of Pablo's lime-green iMac, which had a hard-drive failure in early June, delaying the update of the treehouse for way too long.



May 3, 2000
Mija's first sign for the treehouse! (Right, like Pablo would have chosen that pink?)


P loves M loves P

April 16, 2000
This is almost certainly carved on the tree somewhere, but it doesn't do any harm to put it up on the sign too.



February 20, 2000
An appropriately colourful welcome sign for the grand opening of the treehouse.

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