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Software: Pablo put this site together on his adorable lime iMac, using Macromedia Dreamweaver (which he heartily recommends) for the HTML, and Macromedia Fireworks for the graphics, with some help from AppleWorks and BBEdit Lite too. No Microsoft products were involved at any stage.

Graphics: The main treehouse graphic derives from an animated GIF on the web at ZDNet <>. One of the frames of the animation was isolated, cleaned up, and then customised for use here. The Mr Men and Little Miss graphics were taken from scans of the book covers at <>. All have been cleaned and slightly modified for use here. Mija created the cloud image that we're using for 'new' and 'updated' icons, with AppleWorks. All other graphics (the horizontal rule, and the bookcase/paddle/dice icons) were obtained from clip-art libraries bundled with Fireworks.

Fonts: The main pages of the site are set in Comic MS. The real-life story pages use Trebuchet MS. Pablo's story pages use Geneva. Mija's story pages use Palatino, except for the story The Conduct File, which uses Courier. Tasha's story pages use Verdana. Kent's story pages use New York. In all cases, if those fonts aren't available, the pages should failover to Arial, Helvetica, and sans-serif, in that order. They're not the prettiest fonts, but they should be available to almost all browsers.

Browsers: This isn't a difficult site for browsers to handle. There are no frames or animated GIFs, no Java and no need for plug-ins. It does use tables quite extensively, but versions 3 and above of Communicator and Explorer should have no problem with those. Javascript rollover images are used in a few places, but alternative links are also provided. It should be possible to navigate around the site without images loaded. The site has been tested with version 4 of Communicator and Explorer, and Dreamweaver's browser-compatibility testing suggests that version 3 of each should also be fine. It's also been tested with Lynx, for the diehard low-techies out there. Please let Pablo <> know if you have any problems with the site, and he'll do what he can to help. We want the treehouse to be a place you enjoy coming to.

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