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Okay, lots of girls keep diaries. Which is sorta lame. But this one's different and really important. These are a bunch of letters to me for when I'm grown up. Everyone always says they do the same stuff their parents did over again to their kids. Well I'm not going to and these letters are going to keep me from doing things that way. Because when I'm a grown-up I'll read this and know how much this stuff sucks.

I'm not going to write in this everyday; just when I get punished. Which is always with spanking as I sure hope I'll remember.

I hope I don't have to write very often.

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Entry Twelve: 13 October 1985

Entry Eleven: 6 October 1985

Entry Ten: 1 October 1985

Entry Nine: 24 September 1985

Entry Eight: 23 September 1985

Entry Seven: 6 September 1985


Entry Six: 19 August 1985

Entry Five: 3 August 1985

Entry Four: 30 July 1985

Entry Three: 17 July 1985

Entry Two: 23 June 1985

Entry One: 15 June 1985

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