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This is our very own Toy Story, though we're talking rather more 'wooden' than 'Woody'. Lift the lid, and you can have a root around amongst the accoutrements of our kink. There are descriptions, personal recommendations, and links to vendors too. Just make sure to put them all back when you're finished, 'kay?

(The box is a metaphor. We actually just have a big pile, but we'll try to keep you up to date on what's in it, new stuff we buy, and any stuff that Mija quite unreasonably breaks with her backside.)

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Hairbrush paddle

This is a lovely brown leather paddle from Adam and Gillian <>. If you go to their pages to look at it, it's the large one which they rate as severe.

Mija: Hurts! I mean really hurts. Not only does it sting, but the strong plastic core (which the leather hides) makes it heavy and thuddy. I've been known to start shaking a little even before Pab starts using it. High whine factor. Also, it doesn't leave marks on me unless it's been used beyond blisters. Which means my bottom is still tender, but my skin looks totally un-marked. <whiiiiinnne>

Pablo: I loved this from the moment I opened the package. It feels really good in the hand, comfortable and weighty, and it's very nicely made. Also, the design is pleasingly simple and restrained: it's a long way from the black leather and rivets thing, which I don't like at all. Probably my favourite toy - to use, that is. :-)

Red and black hand crop

This toy is basically a red handled short riding crop with a little black leather "hand" for the slapper. Peg bought it for Mija at 665: One Number Short of Hell <> in West Hollywood as a birthday present.

Mija: <giggle> This is prolly the most playful toy we have. It has a sting, especially if used with wrist action. I like having it used on me in my more blissy moments. And it's really the only toy I love using. If you land it just right, it leaves little red handprints which are way cute imo. :) (But watch out! It can hurt on the legs.)

Pablo: I tend not to use this very much. As Mija says, it's more of a bratty toy, and I'm not bratty at all. :-) Plus, it feels a little insubstantial for me, fine for a few playful swats here and there, but not something to be used for too long a period.


This is the cheapest toy we own. It's a very simple canvas gymshoe, with a rubber sole, of the sort known in the UK as a 'plimsoll'. As a pair, the two cost two pounds fifty (about four dollars), so I guess this one cost about two dollars. It was bought in a discount shoe store in London's Oxford Street, the main shopping drag.

Mija: Okay, now when I'd read stories about kids being whacked with slippers, I was thinkin', you know, bedroom slippers. This is a shoe. With treads. It's a very thuddy toy, but the tread makes it sting too. I always feel like I'm being smacked with a meat tenderizer. This is not a favorite of mine and is usually used in a rather ritualized way. (I do hope sparkle is grateful to me for giving her top/love the matching one). ;)

Pablo: I think what I like most about this is the fact that kids in British schools really did get whacked with these, even when I was a kid. It's not the easiest thing to use: it's a little like a medium-weight paddle, but with a hinge in the middle, so it's kinda floppy and needs the right wrist action. We tend to use it OTK, though it's probably better suited to a position where the spanker has more room to swing.

Deer paddle

This is a genuine souvenir paddle with a picture of a young deer and a small bear. It has an inscription reading "For the cute little deer with the bear behind". Mija purchased it for a ridiculously high sum fom eBay <> (and if you were the jerk bidding her up, for shame). It's a thin (3/8 inch) paddle about sixteen inches long and two and half wide.

Mija: I was disappointed when I bought this - it looked better in the scan. Still, it has very high 'cute' value. However, I've discovered that it hurts quite a lot. Lots of sting. And the edges can be rather sharp. Ouch!

Pablo: Rather sharp because it really needs to be sanded some, and I haven't got around to that yet. This isn't something I feel able to use very hard, partly because of the edges, and partly because the wood is quite light, and I don't want to break it - it's much more for fun and perhaps less serious play. I do like it a lot, though - because it's neither a perverted object, nor a 'scene' toy. It's something made for spanking. :-)

Wooden hairbrush

Pablo: I wanted for a while to get just the right hairbrush for Mija, and I bought this one at Crabtree & Evelyn in London, the day before I flew to the US to see her for the first time. It's very simple and solid, a satinwood oval with boar bristles and a small handle.

Mija: Because Pablo gave this to me at the airport, literally minutes after we met, it has very fond associations. Also, it's by far the nicest thing I've ever used on my hair. But, this is the most painful implement that I've ever felt - including a friend's rubber strap. It can be used very fast and hard, something which leaves me frantic with tears. I asked a friend who knew more about these things than me if he thought (having been whacked with it) it was more "sting" or "thud" (it does both). He replied "neither, it's BURN." Leaves vivid bruises on my legs that last for days.

Pablo: Hairbrushes are just the classic spanking implement, and this is a lovely one. If I could change anything, I'd make the handle slightly larger - she hasn't done it for a while <cackles evilly> but Mija has once or twice managed to kick the thing out of my hand while I was spanking her. I never really need to use it hard, though; it leaves behind a very red and warm bottom without much effort on my part. A Good Thing, I think you'll agree.


Also from Adam & Gillian <>, this is a very stiff strap of thick cordovan leather, beveled with a black leather handle. It's split down the middle so it has two tongues, each with a rounded tip. Pablo ordered it this summer - much to the amusement of the folks at A&G when they saw his address. (Coals to Newcastle and such.) If you go to their site (see URL above), it's the smaller one they rate as "moderate." But there's no picture.

Mija: This is a new implement and we haven't played with it very much, but I already hold it in a lot of respect. When used OTK I felt like a child being spanked with a belt and cried. It's pure sting and causes me to wail almost with abandon. Additionally, the tips are small and thin enough to go in the nastiest places. <shiver>

Pablo: Mija's reaction to this one caught me by surprise. It looks quite an innocuous little thing - it's not as large and heavy as the tawses I know were used in Scottish schools. But from the start, and with very little effort by me, the thing could make Mija wail like she was being killed. So I use it carefully. It's just about short enough to use OTK, though that still needs some care.

Razor strop

This is a soft and supple leather razor strop that was bought at the Magick and Fetish Shoppe in Hollywood during Pab's first visit to see Mija. On the same visit to M&F, Pab bought a really nice pair of wrist cuffs (see below), and also Mija's semi-legendary brat bracelet (which she wears just in case anyone is in any doubt <Pab rolls eyes>).

Mija: I like this strap. It hurts, but in a very even way - sort of an equal stripe of burn, rather than focusing so heavily on the right side. Also, I confess <vain smile> Pab told me he likes the way my bottom looks with the red stripes running across it. Pab decided to buy it after he tested it on me in the back room of the shop. And yes, I was bent over the school desk. :)

Pablo: I like this a lot. It took me a while to be comfortable with both the idea and the practice of spanking with belts - they always seemed rather violent and uncontrolled. But this is pretty easy to use, and leaves the loveliest narrow red stripes, which it's always fun to use to paint Mija's backside a uniform colour. :-)

Wrist cuffs

These are black and cordovan leather, with synthetic (Mija is allergic to everything furry) fleece lining purchased from Valarie at the M&F (she makes them). They're very sturdy with silvery buckles and can be linked together or attached separately to other things. Though Pab hasn't tried it, they would also work as ankle cuffs.

Mija: I never thought I'd like something as traditional leather scene as wrist cuffs always seemed to me, but the moment I saw these I hoped Pab would decide to buy them. First, I think, because they aren't pure black. And second because they feel so comfortable on. None of my fantasies ever involve cuffs, but real life, they fit into play really well. :) A clear favorite!

Pablo: Like Mija, I don't have a strong affinity with more overtly scenish toys. These cuffs feel very right, though. They're very well made, and, yes, very comfortable - which is a really important consideration when you're considering tying someone down and strapping them for a very long time. :-) I like the fact that they came from M&F, which is a really cool place, and gives everything bought there a more personal feel.


We have five canes:

Two straight rattan, with leather-wrapped handles and hanging loops. These canes mean a lot to us because they were given to us by a very good friend, on the day both of us were caned for the very first time. And they came with some, um, hands-on lessons. :-)

One short black nylon cane, bought from Adam & Gillian (they call it the 'Travel Cane', since it can be packed into a small suitcase without damage). This is very flexy and whippy.

Two crook-handled rattan school canes, one short and thin, the other longer and much thicker. Again, bought from Adam & Gillian.

Mija: Canes are different for me from other implements. The very controlled ritual associated with a severe punishment caning is quite powerful for me. The straight ones always remind me of the friend who gave them and the day they were given. I've been 'test dummy' for more than one person demonstrating how to cane. It can bring me to tears, but also make me feel like a very proper school girl and then I'm always pretty brave.

Pablo: I've fast become very attached indeed to these canes. Caning is rather harder than spanking with any other implement, IMO. It takes much more time and concentration and practice. I'm a long way from feeling competent with them, but learning all the time. Their symbolism - especially the crook-handled ones, and especially for a Brit - is powerful in itself. And they make a cool swooshing sound when you whip them through the air. :-)

Pablo's belt

This is a Calvin Klein man's belt (size 42 inches, if you must know), which Pablo bought at Macy's in downtown LA, during Christmas '98. The design is very simple: it's soft English tan leather, wide, but not too wide, thick, but not too thick, and with a strong but not overdone buckle.

Mija: Watching Pab take the belt he's wearing off, knowing he's going to strap me with it is a very powerful experience. Hearing the sound of the belt being unbuckled, its metallic jingle and then the sound of it being pulled through the loops dries my mouth and makes me shake. It's more thuddy than the razor strop and does hurt, especially on the right. But more than anything, it totally psyches me out. :o

Pablo: Well, believe it or not, I like this very much because it makes a great belt for holding up my trousers. :-) But I did buy it specifically for using on Mija, and the moment I saw it I knew it was the right one. It feels very natural in my hand. I remember Mija's first reaction to having it used on her being less than impressed, but I think that was more my own lack of skill than the belt, and I think it carries more weight these days.

The light wooden paddle

This is a paddle about 14 inches long (half of which is handle) and 3 inches wide. It's made of light thin laminated wood, with a smooth surface and a clear varnish. There's what looks to be a small maker's mark (HP?) at the top of the handle. Mistakingly thinking it was too light to hurt very much, Mija bought the paddle at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles.

Mija: Mistaken is right. I thought this would be a less painful replacement for the ping-pong paddle which met a timely demise this summer. But boy-oh-boy, when Pablo used this on me without so much as a warm-up I was crying and kicking like mad in no time flat. I just hope I can get it to burn as easily as it seems to be able to get me.

Pablo: This has become a favourite really quickly. We'll certainly need to get a replacement for that Valhalla-bound ping-pong paddle, but this paddle more than holds its own. It does seem to have an impact way out of proportion to its size and weight.

Wooden school ruler

You might be surprised to learn that this is a recent purchase, bought just before Pab's visit to the US in November 1999. We'd wanted/needed a really nice wooden school ruler for the longest time, but hadn't been able to find one that was just right. This one is just a classic 12" wooden ruler, with metal strips inset into the edges to keep a straight-edge. These just happen to strengthen it too, of course. It's marked: 'JAKAR 3011'. Pab takes up the story...

Pablo: I'd looked everywhere I could, including one of the best art-supplies shops in London, and not found one that I really liked. Late in the afternoon of the day before I was flying out to see Mija, I wandered into Selfridges, a huge department store in London, having pretty much given up. In a quiet corner of the stationery department, bound together with a rubber band, were a bundle of just what I was looking for. This ruler is going to get a lot of use on Mija's palms, her bottom, the backs of her thighs and calves...

Mija: 'We' wanted and needed the ruler? Guess the top thing's gone to Pab's head and he's switched to the royal personal pronoun. Seriously this ruler hurts a lot. I've all but stopped misbehaving in the corner since being whacked on the thighs (and even having my knee socks taken down so it can be used on my calves!) started being the penalty for that. Oh, and Pablo rulering my hands made me cry. Isn't he just ever such a meanie? (You should write and say so - I'm sure he'd love that.)

Antique Wooden Hairbrush

This is an oval wooden hairbrush that's at least 100 years old which Mija purchased on eBay (and for not very much either). When she bought the brush, it had a sterling silver 'M' on the back. She wrapped it up and sent it to Pablo along with his birthday present this past February. Pablo made it suitable for spanking by removing the 'M'.

Mija: Note the commentary above. Pablo defaced a valuable antique by removing the silver 'M' charm. When I bought it I imagined that the silver charm would keep him from ever being able to use it on me except maybe over jeans. How cruelly I was mistaken, dear reader. And this thing hurts. I'm not sure if it's worse than the other brush, but the pain is heavier and deeper and it makes me kick and cry like a little kid. If any of you see me on e-Bay, stop me before I bid again!

Pablo: It was indeed a dilemma. Either the brush could keep the 'M', which would be good because it could stand for 'Mija', but bad because then I couldn't use it for its intended purpose (no, not brushing hair, sheesh!); or I could take it off, which would make it less personal, but perfect for smacking. Honestly, I must have struggled with myself for seconds before deciding to take it off. It came off really easily too, mostly because it wasn't an original feature. It's a fine spanking brush: heavy and dense, with a strong, longish handle. The bristles are somewhat worn, but that's okay: we're not planning to sell it any time soon.

Wooden Butter Pat

Another great cheap pervertible for our collection. Mija bought this for four dollars at a swap meet in Pasadena. It's a somewhat run-of-the-mill small butter pat made out of maplewood, with one flat side and one deeply-ridged side. Light and stingy, it may turn out to be a handy travel-toy, though we haven't used it very much yet.

Pablo: I'd just like to draw the reader's attention to the fact that, despite screaming blue murder anytime one of these toys is brought into action, Mija actively searches them out on-line and at flea markets and such. And she's so thrifty!

Mija: I have no comment on Pablo's remarks above. I did have hope that this small paddle could come into use instead of the horrible huge heavy toys Pablo likes to paddle me with. So far it seems not to be used much, but has a surprising amount of sting. I do like to look for stuff at flea markets and swap meets, but maybe from now on with the thought of supplying others. We seem to have waaaaay too many toys.

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