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ASS: The Usenet newsgroup, where Pablo & Mija met.

ASSville: The online spanking community created by those who frequent(ed), ASSville has its own coffee shop; a thriving business district; and even its very own bag lady. aSSSville, the online spanking community created by those who frequent soc.sexuality.spanking, is a sister city to ASSville. Their boundaries are very blurred.

Bryson: Mija's bear. He's an expert in all things bearish and has accompanied Mija on many travels with Pablo. He also protects Mija at night when Pab is away - he might look soft and squishy, but he's fierce when roused.

SSC: The Short Story Contest held annually each summer on the Usenet newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking (and before that on its predecessor, You can find the archives of the 1999, 2000 contests at Don Croyle's site, and the 2001 and 2002 contests at the soc.sexuality.spanking SSC archive.

SSS: The Usenet newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking - a successor to - where we hang out, and where many of the stories and other writings on this site have been posted.

Twiglets: A popular UK snack, crunchy wheaty twig-shaped sticks, covered with Marmite (gloopy black yeast extract).

Usenet: The Internet's oldest and biggest system of discussion forums, or 'newsgroups'., where we met, and soc.sexuality.spanking, where we mostly hang out these days, are two Usenet newsgroups. We like Usenet a lot, and try to support it however we can. Unlike so many of the more recent web-based discussion forums, Usenet isn't owned by onyone, and wasn't created as a way of gathering an audience for advertising. It's an important and integral part of the 'net. Here are two good places to start finding out more:

  • Lost in Usenet
    "Usenet References: What is Usenet? General Usenet Resources. Usenet Moderation. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Usenet Netiquette. Usenet Software."

  • News.Newusers.Questions Official Home Page
    "This is the official homepage of news.newusers.questions, a Usenet newsgroup whose purpose is the dissemination of questions and answers about Usenet and the internet. This site contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), links to many helpful sites and newsgroups, and news.newusers.questions policy and administrative documents."

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